Characterization Software Engineer

PRODUCT DESIGN Santa Clara, California


Maintain, develop CMOS image sensor characterization software. Optimize and rebuild the software for new sensor applications such as PDAF, HDR, SCG/DCG. Test and modify the current software with different requirements such as large size or different FPGA data format.  Work closely with design and characterization team members to discuss the new CMOS image sensor bench evaluation request, and integrate it into the software. Develop APIs of the communications between FPGA board and software data. Perform image quality tuning and measurement. Validate each module in image signal processing pipeline. Work with digital, analog, and characterization design group and application group to do the product verification. Do Image Signal Process with different formats chips and test the performance. Document Algorithm/Software manual documentation and write user menu.

Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field and two years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  A Master’s degree is acceptable in lieu of the two-year experience.

Require experience or skills in

  • Machine Vision
  • Scripting language Python
  • Database system
  • Software Analysis
  • Computer networks
  • Parallel and distribution systems