Software Engineer

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Santa Clara, California


  • Long term developing the tool to remote control the sensor in the company lab to auto-capture images by using Python and OpenCv.
  • Design the self-hosting SVN system by using Oriented-Objected design knowledge and Java to administrate the group files and access authorization.
  • Develop the tool to process the large database (over 10 million lines files) of the chips by using Python pandas, and then generate the diagrams such as power density map of digital core, power map of the Delta temperature PSF of a normalized heat source, etc.
  • Develop different small software tools for hardware tests, such as batch images format conversion and add ISP algorithms to these images by MATLAB or Python, process and administrate the database of hardware information by SQL or Python, generate the report from the input files of sensor information by Python, etc.
  • Capture Images by sensors, test under different lighting sources and conditions, then simply process raw images by using Image processing algorithms. Modify settings’ parameters of the sensors which is for the input of the software.
  • Track bugs by using JIRA, reproduce and resolve issues and make sure bugs are fixed or update new features.

Bachelor’s degree in EE, CE, CS, related field and 6 months of intern or research experience in programming for convolutional neural network (CNN), including image processing algorithms, Python, C++; Matlab; and database.