Product Validation Engineer

PRODUCT DESIGN Santa Clara, California


  1. Perform wafer level characterization of CMOS imaging sensors
  2. Debug initial silicon and validate design features
  3. Determine root cause of process- or design-related problems
  4. Validate automated silicon verification with bench testing and measurements
  5. Correlate test results generated in Color Probe; Explain rational of test in probe and determine most effective method to implement test and avoid potential overkill
  6. Determine test algorithms to target specific fail mechanisms and prepare detailed descriptions for tests required during design validation cycle
  7. Develop automation scripts in Perl/Python to speed up data analysis and reporting

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or related field and two years of work or research experience in:

  1. Design experiments on semiconductor devices;
  2. Fabricate semiconductor devices;
  3. Use Labview to visualize and analyze data;
  4. Apply knowledge on semiconductor physics to solve experimental issues;
  5. Build a simulation model including van der Waals bonding to fit experimental data using MATLAB.