Analog Design Engineer

ENGINEERING Santa Clara, California


Analog and  Mixed-Signal Design Engineer


Responsible for the design development and characterization of embedded analog circuits, such as high speed I/O, SerDes, FIFO, CDR, PLL etc.
Design and debug experience on RTL level signal synchronization, clock tree and cross domain clock designs is a significant plus.
Need to work closely with system and test engineers to develop high speed interface, package/board, and system clocks in image sensor and bridge chip products.




1. Analog/Mixed-Signal design, simulation and verifications.

2. High speed test with scope and BERT.

3. Layout design and support. Need to get involved into layout optimizations for high speed or high precision performance directly.

4. Interface verifications between analog and digital.

5. IP and design spec documentations.


Familiar with Cadence analog design/layout flow and spice/spectreMDL simulations.

MSEE or above.  

Key words:  
Analog design; High-speed design