IT Internship at Optimas

Information Technology Glenview, Illinois


Interns will experience these challenges and solve problems side-by-side with experienced engineers and administrators. Successful candidates will apply technology and develop processes to solve real problems. Projects assigned depend on experience.

Project Types

  • Develop management systems for configurations and knowledge
  • Test, plan and deploy leading workplace solutions
  • Test, plan and deploy leading infrastructure solutions
  • Modernize servers and enterprise application systems


Ideal candidates will be students of Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Engineering or related studies with a passion for exploring new technologies, an appreciation for customer satisfaction, and the ability work within a team. Extensive experience is not a requirement, but the ability to learn quickly and work systematically are expected.

 Technical Experience, Skills and Knowledge

  • Automation/programming languages and open source software
  • Linux and Windows Server operating systems
  • Cloud services, such as AWS and Azure
  • Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and similar collaboration systems
  • Software application installation and management


Personal Talents, Skills and Knowledge

  • Strong personal interest in technology
  • Internal drive and urgency to solve problems systematically
  • Attention to detail (organizing information, being accurate)
  • Effective planning, prioritizing, goal setting skills
  • Ability to recognize best-known methods and to design standards
  • Demonstrated commitment to quality (including testing and validation)
  • Awareness of industry-leading and innovative products

Our internships provide an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience which complement academic pursuits. 

Optimas is a global distributor of fasteners, c-class products and safety supplies, delivering around 10 billion components worldwide to leading manufacturers every year. Optimas has a diverse, global team of over 1,600 individuals, operating from 16 countries, 60+ distribution centers, 9 quality labs and 2 manufacturing locations to support the complexities of our customers’ industries, enabling them to achieve their goals and be successful.

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