Project Financial Analyst

Professional Silver Spring, Maryland


Job Title:  Project Financial Analyst                                Job ID#: 307

Job Description:

Project Budgeting, Scheduling, and Tracking Support, this job requires the ability to create schedules and budgets for studies, and track progress against them by analyzing financial and status reports, and interviewing The Office of Systems Architecture and Advanced Planning (OSAAP) members.  Studies conducted by OSAAP involve small teams that perform their tasks over the course of months or years, but involve funding contracts, transferring funds to other NOAA offices, funding Requests for Proposal (RFPs), and travel. 

Areas of Support:

  • Contract fund management
  • Procurement awareness
  • Respond to all phases of the Contracting cycle: development, modifications, close-out.
  • Invoice reviews and Reconciliation 
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Cost development and analysis
  • Track multiple projects through-out life of contract

US citizenship required /EEO/AA/E-Verify Participation

 Required Degree & Experience:

Bachelor’s in Finance, Accounting, or related industry with a minimum of 5 years of experience, preferably in an engineering environment

Job Location:

Silver Spring, MD

Security Clearance Requirements:


Company Overview

Omitron is an Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology small business firm headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland with a field office located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 1984 Omitron has provided excellence in engineering services and product development to government and industry customers for both civilian and military aerospace programs.

Omitron recognizes that outstanding people are the key to our success. Our goal is to select highly qualified and motivated individuals and provide them an environment necessary to stimulate and nurture engineering and business objectives. Omitron offers its employees competitive salaries, a full benefits package, and excellent career growth opportunities. We welcome talented professionals who wish to take advantage of the opportunities we offer.