Assistant Vice President, Transportation (Freight)

Transportation New York, New York

Our Vision: To make New York City the global model for inclusive innovation and economic growth, fueled by the City’s diverse people and businesses.

Our Mission: To create shared prosperity across New York City’s five boroughs by strengthening neighborhoods and growing good jobs.

Position Overview: 
The Assistant Vice President will lead multi-disciplinary teams facilitating transportation planning and policy efforts aimed at improving freight transportation options for NYC shippers, reducing truck dependency, improving last-mile freight mobility, modernizing distribution facilities, promoting clean energy technologies in freight transportation, and promoting environmental justice to minimize impacts on vulnerable communities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee specific implementation of projects identified in various freight plans, including Freight NYC and Delivering Green through coordination with EDC departments and external regulatory or implementation authorities
  • Coordinate on pilot projects and demonstration projects with public and private external parties
  • Establish and oversee interagency and interdepartmental working groups on select projects, meeting frequently to move projects forward and address challenges including specific leadership role in the North Atlantic Marine Highway Alliance and Metropolitan Rail Freight Council
  • Represent EDC at meetings of various non-governmental supply chain freight mobility conferences
  • Guide deeper understanding of the City’s freight infrastructure and the federal, state and local policies related to supply chain and freight transportation mode, including promoting the City and EDC’s interests in statewide and regional freight transportation planning efforts
  • Seek City and non-City funding through capital planning efforts and grant programs available for transportation and freight.
  • Articulate a vision for and evaluate the feasibility of future development based on sound planning principles and market realities.
  • Conduct transportation studies to assess ways that freight movement can be improved in the context of improving overall traffic flow, air quality improvements, quality of life enhancements and safety
  • Procure and oversee consultant services and manage complex planning projects
  • Develop implementation strategies for interim and long-term uses.
  • Craft and manage public outreach processes in conjunction with External Affairs Department
  • Support interdepartmental PortNYC programs and projects related to freight transportation and related asset-based programs
  • Build and maintain relationships with governmental and quasi-governmental entities; industry organizations; civic and community organizations; cultural and professional organizations; and advocacy groups.
  • Oversee junior staff to ensure timely and effective completion of assignments
  • Other Responsibilities: Other projects and tasks as assigned; other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in urban planning, real estate, public policy, transportation, logistics, economic development or related field with a Master’s degree preferred
  • 5+ years of professional experience in transportation, economic or community planning and development, or equivalent is preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal, written, verbal and analytical skills.
  • Strong understanding and interest in urban planning, transportation planning, infrastructure and economic development issues.
  • Strong understanding of and experience with the technical aspects of the public planning and development process, preferably specific to NYC.
  • Demonstrated expertise in project management.
  • Strong entrepreneurial and leadership ability and public speaking skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • New York City resident (required within 180 days of hire).

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Four years’ experience with transportation policy or planning agency or group and/or private firm dealing with project planning around aviation industry, freight, supply chain and public transit. Demonstrated experience working with local communities on large-scale development plans. 
Salary Range: $90,000 – 93,000

About Us: NYCEDC is New York City’s primary vehicle for promoting economic growth in each of the five boroughs. Our mission is to create shared prosperity across New York City’s five boroughs by strengthening neighborhoods and growing good jobs. We do this by developing, managing, and implementing expansion and redevelopment programs that encourage investment and strengthen the city’s competitive position. 

NYCEDC is dedicated to the creation of a dynamic, equitable, and sustainable urban economy. We are making sure that whatever happens next, happens right here in New York City—and that all New Yorkers are a part of it. 

NYCEDC offers many unique advantages for an exciting and fulfilling career. As part of our team, you’ll enjoy: 

  • The unique opportunity to make an impact on New York City 
  • Working on diverse, unique, and challenging projects 
  • Working closely with teams of creative, highly motivated, and passionate people 
  • Learning opportunities designed to enhance the practical skills and business knowledge of our employees 
  • Excellent benefits, including company-paid 401(a) pension plan, 457(b) tax-advantaged retirement savings plans, medical, dental and vision benefits, generous paid family leave and paid time off, and other perks 

The New York City Economic Development Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our Diversity, Equity, and Social Responsibility Mission is to create a People First strategy by attracting, retaining, and engaging a diverse and talented workforce. Like the city of New York, NYCEDC knows our strength comes from each of our connected parts, making the fabric of our organization better and stronger because of our unique employees' talents.

To help build an inclusive workplace culture, NYCEDC supports six employee resource groups that strive to engage members and advocate for their respective communities within NYCEDC. Those groups are: Accessibility group, Elevation group (BIPOC), Mindful group, Out/EDC group (LGBTQAI+), Parents group and Women's Leadership group. NYCEDC employees work as part of a highly engaged, passionate and inclusive team where everyone’s contributions are valued, respected, and have an impact on one of the best and most diverse cities in the world!

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