Software Engineer on Hybrid-Cloud Development Tools

Engineering - EMEA Belgrade, Serbia Req.Num.: 21420

How does the idea of building solutions that will make 1500+ Software Engineers happier sound to you? Do you like working with highly technical customers? As Nutanix is venturing further into the Hybrid-Cloud space, we’ve recognized a need to straighten our internal Development Tools portfolio. That’s why we are starting a brand new team in Serbia that will focus on creating a family of software tools to enable production of high-quality code, timely releases, stable testing, and therefore a much easier life for everybody in Nutanix Engineering.

With your main customer being Software Engineers, you will be in the unique position to impact how we build our solutions across the whole of Nutanix. This is not an operational role. In this role you will be working on improving Development and Testing processes, eliminating bottlenecks, and directly affecting the usage of relevant third-party tools and libraries, with the goal to create a smooth Software Development experience for our Engineers.

Skills important for this team: design, algorithms, systems. Coding is useful, but the body of work will be in putting together systems that can enable a team to produce the bits that we ship to customers. Familiarity with Python, Golang and bash is welcome.

In this role you will:

  • Architect, design and develop a family of software tools that 1500+ Software Engineers will use in their daily work
  • Develop a strong understanding of complex distributed systems, and design creative solutions to speed up our transition into the Hybrid Cloud;
  • Work on performance, scale out and resiliency of distributed storage systems;
  • Work closely with Senior Engineers to deliver high-quality solutions
  • Communicate primarily with internal stakeholders, which will eliminate influence of external factors like on-call duty, and let you focus most of your day on building the tools family
  • Be involved in scaling the team and shaping the team culture

Example projects:

  • Build a single tool to manage a suite of separate git components, allowing for easy rebases, multi-component pushes, unit test invocation
  • Craft a way to do bisection across multiple components and merges
  • Trace activities across a distributed system, maybe by tagging at ingress and populating maps at separate points to record latencies and interesting events
  • Introduce and refine recent compiler advances, including clang-tidy, LSAN, ASAN, UBSAN
  • Figure out how to go from a core dump to a working gdb session, including finding all the executables and their symbol tables, calculating load offsets for shared libraries, and spinning up a container to host all this


  • Deep understanding of UNIX/Linux, APIs via web services
  • Familiarity with OS internals, CPU/IO statistics, profiling
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience and understanding of the technologies

Good to have:

  • Programming in your favorite language: Python, Golang and bash are used here today
  • Development experience in file systems, operating systems, database back-ends, distributed systems management, Cloud technologies
  • Experience working with virtualization technologies like KVM, ESX
  • Familiarity with x86 architecture


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