PostgreSQL Database Administrator

Business Applications Bangalore, India Req.Num.: 17365

SaaSData team is responsible for collecting, centralizing, cleansing, curating, processing, modelling the data from various different internal and external applications and to build analytics and reporting needs of various business consumers.

The team acquires data of different shapes and sizes (structured, semi-structured) at different velocity and processes the data into the central Data Platform. As the team has scaled on the availability, volume and quality value proposition, the team is focussed in building data solution(s) to aid the data consumers with self-serve capabilities. The Data platform consists of various different essence of databases both on-prem and cloud (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS RDS, mySQL, etc)

The team is also focussed on solving the challenges around data processing & integration to make it more seamless and scalable as the volume of the data telemetry data being processed grows in terms of volume as well as consumption capability.

The team also works with a dozen business units to build analytics capabilities and have built various different data visualization reports and dashboards which are effectively used by business functions like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Manufacturing, Customer Success to name a few and also actively used by CXOs of the organization.

The Role

The Database Administrator is a key role for an individual who is both collaborative and can work hands-on in our large PostgreSQL based infrastructure. Managing a mix of both physical and cloud-based database servers (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS RDS, etc.), the Database Administrator is responsible for the care, feeding, and uptime of mission-critical infrastructure. With a strong understanding of database performance, query optimization, and operational management, the DBA works closely with engineers across teams on a variety of projects. In this role, you'll review schema, operational plans, and our database data mart system to ensure that the right decisions are being made, and that our systems are both performant and error free.


  • Responsible for implementing, managing, and tuning high-availability 24x7 PostgreSQL databases
  • Establish policies and procedures pertaining to data management, security, access control policies, maintenance and utilization
  • Develop, manage, and test database backup & recovery strategies, verifying data integrity
  • Perform database installations, configurations, upgrades, and migrations
  • Proactively monitor and tune for performance
  • Responsible for capacity planning and recommending paths to account for application growth that are in line with industry best practices
  • Consult with development and architecture teams to help meet continued application growth
  • Define and implement database schema and configurations working with our development teams
  • Create and maintain documentation of procedures, schemas and guides for troubleshooting database systems
  • Research and evaluate new databases, technologies, and trends to provide innovative ideas and solutions to improve the existing infrastructure and support new projects and requirements
  • Perform review of schema, stored procedures, and other changes to the database DDL
  • Audit for data integrity and consistency across systems
  • Work with data-warehousing and Business Intelligence tools

Required Skills

  • 6+ years of experience as a DBA on designing, building, configuring and maintaining PostgreSQL databases on Linux
  • In-depth understanding of relational and dimensional database theory and concepts
  • In-depth understanding of relational and dimensional database theory and concepts.
  • Significant practical hands-on experience with database administration, backup and recovery, performance tuning and high-availability solutions.
  • Detailed understanding of Postgres database server architecture, concepts, features, and high-availability technologies.
  • Expert knowledge of PL/PgSQL, triggers, Materialized views and stored procedure development and optimization in PostgreSQL
  • Experience with database replication, hot stand-by, clustering, and table partitioning
  • Experience with patroni & HA proxy, streaming replication is must
  • Linux platform familiarity, system resource monitoring and tuning
  • Working knowledge of shell scripting and writing applications in Python
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others, both in oral and written communication

Desired Skills

  • NoSQL experience is value added
  • Experience in public cloud technologies like Heroku is a plus
  • Experience in migrating workload from on-prem to cloud, cloud to cloud and cloud. to on-prem migrations


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