Software Engineer Intern

Engineering - EMEA Cambridge, United Kingdom Req.Num.: 22521

Hungry, Honest, Humble, with Heart

The Opportunity

This role is office based. Location: Cambridge, UK

We are looking for the next generation of Software Engineers to join our innovative team. A summer internship at Nutanix is an opportunity to gain exposure to one or more areas according to your skillset and interests. 

This role gives you the opportunity to work on an enterprise-grade hypervisor tailor-made for Nutanix’s software solutions, built from open-source technologies including KVM, QEMU, Open vSwitch and Libvirt. The Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) is integral to the Nutanix software stack so the software projects you will work on are of key importance.

You’ll spend your summer putting your programming skills to use with hands-on, impactful projects, and your passion for learning and growth will be fulfilled through the training and mentoring you’ll receive from experienced engineers.

Sounds like you? Read on.

Engineering at Nutanix

Nutanix engineers are creating revolutionary technology. We seek out challenging problems to work on in a collaborative environment that encourages the open exploration of ideas. We have a forward-thinking approach to our work and have retained many of the best elements of a start-up culture whilst also recognising the need for mature delivery and execution.

Our team spans multiple countries including USA, Serbia, and India, giving you the opportunity to work with, and learn from, a diverse group of people from across the globe.

To learn more about the technical aspects of the Nutanix platform architecture check out the Nutanix Bible.

Your Role

  • This is a summer internship for 12 weeks between June and September 2023
  • Apply your existing skills and knowledge from your degree to at least 1 AHV related project for the duration of your internship
  • Work with a mentor to define project objectives and key results
  • Shadow other engineers to learn new, and improve on existing skills related to a variety of technologies and tools
  • Interact with various stakeholders required to complete your project
  • Participate in intern events and social activities with interns from across the globe and spanning multiple teams

What You’ll Bring

  • Currently pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science or a related subject
  • Less than 2 years of relevant professional experience
  • Fluency in a systems programming language, preferably C but Rust, Python, C++ or Go will also be considered
  • A passion for problem solving
  • Knowledge of UNIX/Linux
  • Familiarity of OS internals and concepts of distributed systems

Your Team

Hear from Chris Riches, a previous intern who returned to Nutanix after graduating, about his experience in this team.

“My internship project was enjoyable and highly challenging in the best possible way. I was thrown into the deep end, but my team and mentors quickly taught me how to swim. I found myself delving deep into the full stack of virtualisation technology, from the control plane to the hypervisor to the kernel itself, and learned enormous amounts beyond what my Computer Science degree taught me about systems software. In 3 months over Summer 2021, I designed and prototyped an optimisation for VM migration that had a real impact on the product being developed. With the support of my colleagues, I achieved far more than I thought I was capable of. The interesting projects and excellent working environment and support meant I returned for a permanent position after graduating, and I’m glad that I did!”

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