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Level 2 Engineer Position Job Description

The primary responsibility of a Build Tools Level 2 engineer is to coordinate with both the Tools team  and  product  developers  in  debugging  and  fixing  issues  in  the  pipeline, along  with developing  basic  scripts  to  aid  the  build  process. Must  demonstrate  good analytical  and debugging skills to troubleshoot and fix build pipeline issues.


A major responsibility of the Level-2 engineer is leading troubleshooting. You will review open bugs,  failure/crash  logs  to  identify  fixes  and  areas  that  need  improvement  or  attention.  The Level-2  engineer  then  proposes  and  implements  fixes  that  resolve  those  bugs  without disturbing functionality or stability.


The Engineer will also be engaged in helping QA streamline the regression pipeline. This will involve troubleshooting automation bugs and fixing them

Required Skills:

Education -BS   +   2   years   of   relevant   experience.   Familiarity with   build   and   release management.  An  understand  the  complete  workflow  of  the  SCM,  branching,  build  and  the release process. Ability to enhance or implement minor features to build Framework/Pipeline management systems.

Experience with the following.

  • Jenkins, Git, CMake, Python, Shell, Groovy
  • Enterprise software development;
  • Object Oriented Programming languages such as C, C++, Python, GoLang or Java;
  • implementing RESTful APIs for web services;
  • Unix and Linux Operating Systems;
  • Understanding of development best practices and lifecycle;
  • Working with Product Management, Quality Assurance and Customer Support

Good to Have:

Experience working on

  • storage or database management applications;
  • Docker and Kubernetes technologies


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