Amazon - Spheres Supervisor for Northwest Center Services

Administrative Seattle, Washington


Position summary          

The Amazon Spheres are a place where employees can think and work differently surrounded by more than 40,000 plants from the cloud forest regions of over 30 countries. Under the direction of the Spheres Program Manager, the Spheres Supervisor is responsible for scheduling and ensuring proper staff coverage and quality assurance within Amazon’s Spheres and Understory locations. Responsibilities include ensuring staff deliver a one of a kind customer experience for all guests, offering guidance on reservation management and public inquiries and facilitating special events as needed. Hours of operation are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Sunday. Schedules vary due to operating hours.


Schedule: Must be able to work a flexible schedule during hours of operation both weekdays and weekends. 

Salary: $60,00.00 per year + Excellent Benefits

Location: Seattle - South Lake Union

Key responsibilities / Essential Functions

Operational Excellence

  • Provide management, day to day direction, and leadership to the entire Spheres and Understory Team.
  • Ensure appropriate staffing levels within the Spheres and Understory, and making sure staff are onsite and prepared for operations at scheduled start times. Communicating employee call outs to other leadership members and willing to provide coverage as needed.
  • Ensure program service level agreements and operation standards are met or exceeded, inclusive of staffing levels, email response times, and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Plan and develop employee work schedules, coordinating break coverage ensuring the best use of resources.
  • Lead and participate in additional project related work, delegating as needed.
  • Become the subject matter expert of all building operations including, but not limited to, security access levels, facility procedures, vendor points of contact, and any escalation processes
  • Maintain consistent inventory of all laptops, radios and tablets.
  • Maintain and distribute uniform inventory as necessary.


  • Responsible for employee development through the development of individualized goals and the creation of training plans to ensure that employees achieve the established goals.
  • Responsible for assisting in new staff in all administrative support and customer support expectations, and procedures both on the desk and on the floor both in Spheres and Understory to maintain current information on plants, exhibits, Amazon, campus history, events and customer service best practices.
  • Responsible for staff performance ensuring that all procedures, processes and policies are understood and followed. Following up with corrective employee conversations as necessary related to employee performance, including additional leadership as necessary.
  • Assist Management in interviewing, hiring, and termination discussions.
  • Contributes to a positive work environment that encourages retention and talent.
  • Work collaboratively across the organization with different job levels and departments
  • Foster a spirit of teamwork and unity among team members that allows for disagreement over ideas, conflict and expeditious conflict resolution.

Customer Experience

  • Provide elevated customer support for visitors, community members, vendor partners, employees, and all guests entering both the Spheres and Understory.
  • Handle escalated situations with visitors, community members, vendor partners, employees, and all guests.
  • Maintain cleanliness and overall visual presence of lobby and back room storage ensuring it is cleaned, organized and stocked as necessary.
  • Attend regular team meetings to discuss updates, concerns, and ideas with leadership.
  • Act as liaison between Northwest Center, Amazon and other Vendors ensure continuity across campus locations.
Needed experience & requirements


  • Associates degree required, Bachelor’s degree preferred.



  • Minimum 3-year customer service or administrative support experience.
  • Proven experience as a supervisor or similar management role
  • Advanced computer skills in MS Office


Demonstrable Skills

  • Commitment to Northwest Center’s mission of inclusion and ability to successfully work in a diverse environment.
  • Ability to practice a high level of confidentiality.
  • Interpersonal skills to effectively motivate others. Lead change and innovation.
  • Manages confidentiality without exception
  • Maintain good judgment in fast-paced, high-stress environments
  • Detailed oriented & thorough, with ability to see the “big picture
  • Passion to foster an inclusive and diverse culture through initiatives, training & education, communications, and implementing optimizations based on high-level goals.
  • Responds calmly and professionally to emergencies, angry customers, or other stressful situations in the workplace.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Exercises good judgment in areas of responsibility. Identifies or assists in identifying alternative solutions to problems or situations.
  • Regularly seeks new and improved methodologies for enhancing the effectiveness of organization. Employs imagination and creativity in the application of duties and responsibilities. Is not averse to change.



Working Conditions & Physical demands
  • Must be able to frequently carry and lift a backpack containing a laptop and other supplies, up to 50 pounds.
  • May need to carry supplies to other buildings.
  • It is a combination of desk and actively visiting several Amazon buildings so the ability to walk consistently within a 1.5 radius is required.
  • Humidity and temperature conditions may vary in order to maximize the plant life in the space.The temperature of the Spheres is maintained between 70 and 75 degrees with an average humidity of level of 60%.
  • Ability to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language
  • Ability to see both distance and details at close range, within a few feet of the observer (with or without corrective lenses).
  • Ability to identify and understand the speech of another person (with or without a personal auditory hearing device).
  • Ability to work flexible hours including nights and weekends
  • This is a dog friendly environment with over 1000 dogs on campus. Individuals with dog allergies or those who do not particularly care for dogs may not be the best fit.


 About Northwest Center

When People of all Abilities Learn and Work Together, Everyone Benefits. The purpose of Northwest Center is to change society so that people of all abilities engage with each other fully in classrooms, workplaces, and the community. Legally structured as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, Northwest Center is more broadly a "for-purpose" organization that uses and blends the best techniques of human services, business, and philanthropy in innovative ways.

As a social enterprise organization, Northwest Center proves to the world every day that employing people of all abilities can be a powerful competitive advantage. Northwest Center’s businesses generate over $5 million annually that Northwest Center reinvests into human services while covering 100% of the overhead expense of the organization and building cash reserves for future sustainability.

Northwest Center’s mission is to promote the growth, development, and independence of people with disabilities through programs of therapy, education, and work opportunity. 


At Northwest Center, we do not just accept diversity and inclusion — we celebrate it, we support it, we live it and we flourish in it for the benefit of our employees, the community, and our clientele. It is our belief that our strength lies within our diversity and the forward motion towards a day when people of all abilities can learn and work together. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.