Accessibility Partner for Northwest Center Services @ Amazon

Administrative Crystal City, Virginia


Northwest Center is HIRING!!! Join our team as an Accessibility Partner!

This full-time position is designed to provide assistance to Amazon employees with disabilities or who are blind or visually impaired. The Accessibility Partner assists employees with completing tasks that are inaccessible in their current corporate work environment.

Location: Crystal City, Virginia & Greater DC/Maryland & Virginia
Hours: Monday-Friday between 7:30AM - 6:00PM EST with occasional need to be flexible to accommodate the role as needed 
Hourly Rate: $22.70 per hour

  • Competitive and affordable Medical (including hearing & hardware coverage!), Dental, Vision, Disability, and Life insurance  
  • Generous Paid Time Off benefits
  • Additional Floating Holidays, Parental Leave, Paid Compassion Leave and Paid Holidays
  • Retirement 401(K) with a company match
  • Employment Assistance Program (EAP) including six free therapy sessions per year
  • Gym & Fitness Reimbursement Program
  • Student Loan Repayment Program

Check out the entire list of benefits Northwest Center has to offer here: 

*** Please submit resume and cover letter ***

  • The Accessibility Partner should keep all assignment related information strictly confidential.
  • The Accessibility Partner should render the visual description faithfully, always conveying the content and spirit of the document/material creator using language most readily understood by the person(s) to whom they are assigned.
  • The Accessibility Partner should communicate visual cues from in-person interactions to the employee as appropriate, including but not limited to facial expressions, gestures, body language, etc.
  • The Accessibility Partner should not counsel, advise, or provide personal opinions on the employee’s work or work performance to the employee or the employee’s team members.
  • The Accessibility Partner should accept assignments using discretion with regard to skills, setting, workload capacity, timeline, and the person requesting the service. The Accessibility Partner should not accept assignments that they cannot complete on time. If the Accessibility Partner is unable to complete an assignment due to unforeseen circumstances, they will alert the employee immediately.
  • The Accessibility Partner should function in a manner appropriate to the situation.
  • The Accessibility Partner will seek to understand the need of the employee, deep dive on their own skill gaps and identify alternatives to the employee if they themselves are unable to meet the specific need or are unavailable to meet the need within the timeline requested.
  • The Accessibility Partner should strive to further knowledge and skills through participation in workshops, professional meetings, interaction with professional colleagues and reading of current literature in the field.
  • The Accessibility Partner should strive to maintain high professional standards in compliance with these guidelines.
  • The Accessibility Partner will collaborate with employee and Accommodation team to optimize this Role as an Accommodation.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Employee
  • The employee is ultimately responsible for completing the essential functions of their job, including job tasks that require an Accessibility Partner.
  • The employee is responsible for prioritizing and tasking the Accessibility Partner. This includes providing clear instructions with a timeline. The Accessibility Partner is not responsible for prompting, reminding or otherwise prioritizing tasks on behalf of the employee. 
  • The employee should provide a reasonable timeline for tasks, taking into consideration core business hours, possibility of illness, and that the Accessibility Partner may have other responsibilities.
  • The employee is responsible for double-checking the work of the Accessibility Partner to ensure quality.
  • The employee is responsible for communicating Accommodation needs with their Sr. Accommodation Consultant, including circumstances in which the Accessibility Partner is not effective or if other workplace accommodations are needed to perform the job.


  • Transcribe inaccessible material and the comments on the document(s) e.g. text and/or tables pasted as images, etc.
  • Take meeting minutes and/or meeting notes
  • Orient employee to large complex files with multiple tabs and data regions
  • Review and adjust documents to ensure visual appeal and orientation
  • Describe attributes from technical documents, diagrams, charts, etc.
  • Various tasks using internal/proprietary applications
    • Schedule meetings
    • Find meeting space(s)
    • Explain visual materials verbally. For example, describe/review diagrams, pictures, charts, etc.
    • Locate and download data and documents
    • Describe/review engineering schedule(s)
    • Assist in review of training materials
  • Occasional sighted-guide during large events or conferences
  • Deal with highly confidential and personal and proprietary information
  • Retrieve work materials that are out of reach or inaccessible
  • Administrative duties such as filing, scanning, etc.
  • Provide virtual or in-person support to multiple individuals
  • May be required to travel to support meetings
  • Provide high level of customer service
  • Other tasks related to digital information access
  • Other job duties as assigned


  • Associates degree or equivalent required
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred




  • Proven experience as an assistant or other relevant personal or administrative support experience
  • In-depth understanding of Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Word
  • Ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced corporate environment
  • Be flexible and adaptable to changing working patterns
  • Professional level verbal English and highly effective written communications skills


  • Experience working with people with disabilities
  • Experience working with people who are visually impaired or blind
  • Experience working in a tech environment
  • Exceptional customer service and communication skills, both verbal and in writing
  • Strong problem solving, time management and priority setting skills
  • Demonstrated ability to deal with confidential information, including sensitive human resources situations
  • Ability to transcribe Braille 


  • Must be able to frequently carry and lift a backpack containing a laptop and other supplies, up to 50 pounds.
  • May need to carry supplies to other buildings.
  • It is a combination of desk and actively visiting several Amazon buildings so the ability to walk consistently within a 1.5 radius is required.
  • Ability to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language
  • Ability to see both distance and details at close range, within a few feet of the observer (with or without corrective lenses).
  • Ability to identify and understand the speech of another person (with or without a personal auditory hearing device).
  • This is a dog friendly environment with over 1000 dogs on campus. Individuals with dog allergies or those who do not particularly care for dogs may not be the best fit.


Accessibility Partner Specific:

  • This role requires flexibility in scheduling and hours per week with the understanding that every reasonable accommodation is made to support the customer.



When People of all Abilities Learn and Work Together, Everyone Benefits. The purpose of Northwest Center is to change society so that people of all abilities engage with each other fully in classrooms, workplaces, and the community. Legally structured as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, Northwest Center is more broadly a "for-purpose" organization that uses and blends the best techniques of human services, business, and philanthropy in innovative ways.

As a social enterprise organization, Northwest Center proves to the world every day that employing people of all abilities can be a powerful competitive advantage. Northwest Center’s businesses generate over $5 million annually that Northwest Center reinvests into human services while covering 100% of the overhead expense of the organization and building cash reserves for future sustainability.

Northwest Center’s mission is to promote the growth, development, and independence of people with disabilities through programs of therapy, education, and work opportunity