Secret Shopper

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Secret Shopper

We are looking for a detail-oriented and people-focused secret shopper to join our team! Secret shoppers are responsible for assessing the quality of services provided by Enrollment Advisors (EA) while posing as a qualified prospective students. This position is ideal for someone who is highly organized, has a proven track record of their ability to provide detailed reports and stick to timelines. Ideally, this position will be filled by someone who is comfortable having engaging conversations with a myriad of different people every day. This is a part-time contracted position. 

To be a successful secret shopper, you should be able to masquerade as a prospective student applying to different online graduate programs. You should be able to keep track of multiple different “profiles” that allow you to pose as a qualified candidate. The ideal candidate is comfortable spending multiple hours a day on the phone with Enrollment Advisors, inquiring about their program while keeping notes of the interaction and rating their performance from the perspective of a prospective student. Additionally, for this position, the most successful candidate is able to objectively rate Enrollment Advisor’s performance without influence from the rapport built across multiple conversations. 

Secret Shopper Responsibilities

  • Remaining discrete while posing as a prospective student 
  • Interacting with Enrollment Advisors over the phone
  • Creating backgrounds and profiles to be a qualified candidate for multiple graduate programs and universities
  • Rating interaction with Enrollment Advisors in a standardized and objective manner
  • Keeping detailed notes of conversations and call logs
  • Providing reports to leadership in a timely manner
  • Learning and knowing the details of multiple profiles for different programs

Secret Shopper Qualifications 

  • A positive attitude coupled with grit, drive, and persistence;
  • Solid time management skills and self-direction and while being able to demonstrate a solid ability to work independently;
  • A can-do attitude ‒ this is a start-up, which means you must be able to embrace uncertainty with poise;
  • 1-2 years of experience in the workforce (improv and/or acting experience preferred!); Training will be provided by the Learning and Development division on what our enrollment team does as well as competencies of a quality call.
  • Academic success ‒ you have some higher education (a bachelor’s is preferred!)
  • A team mentality ‒ as a member of the Noodle enrollment team we sink or swim together. 

Please apply if you believe you meet all or most of these qualifications.