The Noble Network of Charter Schools

Assistant Principal of Operations - ITW Speer Academy

Leadership Chicago, Illinois



Noble is Chicago’s highest-performing and largest network of public charter high schools. Our 18 schools and 1,300 employees currently serve over 12,300 students, 98% of whom are minority, 89% low-income, and 83% first-generation college goers. The School Quality and Rating Policy scores for the Chicago Public Schools rated Noble campuses as ten of the top fifteen public high schools in the city. We believe our people are the most valuable asset in preparing our students to be successful in college and lead exemplary lives. For that reason, we are looking for the best talent in education.

Who We're Seeking

ITW David Speer Academy is seeking an Assistant Principal of Operations (APO), responsible for overseeing all activities related to school operations. This may include, but is not limited to, financial management and bookkeeping oversight; management of school-level Human Resource activities; management of entry, integrity, and reporting of data; student enrollment/recruitment oversight; and handling of all issues pertaining to management of the school facility. Additionally, the APO will be asked to take on projects that support the continued improvement in school operations, school culture, and programming.

Roles and Responsibilities

Speer’s AP of Operations will oversee the performance for all systems pertaining to the building, staffing, enrollment, spending, and logistics. The APO’s main roles and responsibilities are to:

  • Lead the office team, building team, and all coordinators that work on the systems and functioning of the school.
  • Create work plans to ensure the School Operations Team meets annual, cyclical, and project-based deadlines.
  • Oversee data entry, ensuring integrity and accurate reporting of data.
  • Oversee management of the school facility, ensuring the appearance of the facility reflects the high expectations we hold for students.
  • Manage vendor relationships.
  • Work with the school leadership to invest current students, parents, and alumni in support of student recruitment efforts. This will include
    • analyzing the student recruitment landscape to create a vision and strategic plan for campaigns.
    • coordinating elementary school visits to meet with school counselors, instructors and students to educate them on the benefits of attending a Noble School, ITW David Speer Academy specifically.
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of school events and services that we provide students.

Noble Quality Non-negotiables

  • A deep-rooted passion for Noble’s mission and work in Chicago
  • A belief that all students, regardless of background and current ability, can succeed in high school, college, and life
  • An exemplary embodiment of Noble’s core values of results, respect, follow-through, diversity, equity & inclusion, humility and self-awareness
  • Strong detail orientation and impeccable organizational skills
  • Comfort and efficacy with public speaking
  • Excellent customer-service ethic and follow-through
  • High level of initiative and personal responsibility with strong results-orientation
  • Proficiency and comfort with Microsoft office applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Welcomes feedback and seeks to continuously improve
  • Alignment with Noble’s approach to high expectations and high support of students
  • Experience in managing people, systems, and/or projects


  • 2 to 4 years professional experience
  • Prior Noble staff experience appreciated
  • Ability to complete some required evening and weekend work
  • Driver’s license or ability to travel extensively throughout the City of Chicago with ease
  • Eligibility to work in the United States on a full-time basis

What Noble has to Offer

A Focus on Learning: You are empowered to design your course in the way you think will best achieve results for students. Our campus leaders minimize disruptions and maximize time focused on student learning. All classes start on time and are never interrupted with announcements, copy rooms are stockpiled with paper, and over 95% of students are in attendance daily.  

Robust Student Services: We believe in serving the whole child. For this reason, each of our campuses is equipped with at least one full-time licensed Social Worker and teams of College Counselors. Additionally, our students have access to a variety of enrichment and extended learning options such as night and summer school courses and internship opportunities.

Active Community Involvement: Through parent advisory councils, feedback workshops, advocacy support, college enrollment guidance, quarterly parent-teacher conferences, advisory, and other engagement opportunities we invest in every student and family to build lasting, meaningful relationships.

Accountability and Support: Expectations are consistent for every adult and student in the building, and we welcome the accountability necessary to achieve excellence. We are obsessed with following through on the basics and are committed to supporting, developing, and retaining high-performing educators.

A Range of Benefits:

We strive to be the best place to work, and our employee benefits are thoughtfully designed to support us in this ambition. Our robust and ever-evolving set of benefits includes:  

  • Health & Wellness:
    • Competitive health benefits and paid parental leave
    • Discounts to Noble Daycare, gym memberships, & bike-share services
    • Free financial planning services
    • Free 24/7 access to a licensed social worker and 3 in-person counseling services
  • Professional Development and Recognition Opportunities:

Statement of Non Discrimination

At Noble, our mission is to be a catalyst for educational equity in the city of Chicago that empowers students with the scholarship, discipline, and honor necessary to succeed in college and lead exemplary lives. We know that we only fulfill this mission if we are the best place for a diverse mix of driven, reflective, and innovative educators to come, stay, and do their best work nurturing college-ready students. That is why Noble is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, making all employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status or any other characteristic or classification protected by law.

Be Noble. Join our Mission today!