Noble Schools

Culture Specialist

School Support Chicago, IL


Position Available at:

  • Rauner College Prep-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • Gary Comer College Prep-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • ITW Speer Academy-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • Mansueto High School-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • Golder College Prep-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • Baker College Prep-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • Hansberry College Prep-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • UIC College Prep-Culture Team-All Grade levels
  • Chicago Bulls College Prep-Culture Team-All Grade levels
About Noble 
Noble is Chicago’s highest-performing and largest network of public charter high schools. Our 18 schools and 1,500 employees currently serve over 12,500 students, 98% of whom are students of color, 90% low-income, and 81% first-generation college-goers. The School Quality and Rating Policy scores for the Chicago Public Schools rated Noble campuses as ten of the top twelve public high schools in the city. Noble supports over 20,000 alumni with 98% of Noble students accepted into college and almost 94% choosing to enroll. 

The people we hire must have a commitment to being anti-racist in all areas of our organization. In the past, we have diligently worked toward pursuing the accomplishments listed above. We plan to use that same determination, innovation, and diligence in our goal to become an anti-racist organization. We believe our people are the most valuable asset in preparing our students to be successful in college and lead choice-filled lives - and welcome those ready to join us in that pursuit.

Position Overview 
The Culture Specialist will be supervised by and work with the Dean of Culture to collect and analyze  the culture ‘metrics’ of the school that include components of academics, social-emotional well-being, and character development. As a member of the Student Support Team, the Culture Specialist will serve as a Restorative Coach on Grade Level Teams and is responsible for coaching a team of grade level teachers to develop their mindsets, practices, systems, and structures that are needed to effectively implement the Noble Community Pact’s Restorative Practice Model.

In collaboration with the Dean of Culture, the Culture Specialist will create and implement, with fidelity, all systems and structures developed to establish a positive classroom and school culture, by using restorative practices to support students while building transformational relationships in order to create a safe and supportive environment at all times.

Works collaboratively with: Dean of Culture, Dean of Students, Academic Team, MTSS Team, Teachers, Students & Families

Measures of Success:

  • 95% is the campus experience review (CER) score
  • 95% on suspension & expulsion audits, <1% expulsion rate
  • 80th national percentile achieved on each section of the school climate survey
  • 95% or better daily average student attendance
  • average # of suspensions per student is in the top 25th percentile in the network

Key Responsibilities

Creating a Safe, Valued & Supportive Environment 

  • With the support of the Dean of Culture and Deans of Instruction, coach and provide feedback to teachers on classroom systems and structures in order to ensure that restorative practices are implemented proactively and effectively.
  • Support teacher removal, break, conference, and mediation requests accordingly, and follow up with appropriate stakeholders to discuss redirections and reentry.
  • Maintain the community expectations per the school’s culture vision (i.e., the learning environment and common spaces: hallways, lunch spaces, restrooms, entrance, etc.) 
  • Ensure the safety and security of the building on campus by working in tandem with relevant stakeholders to develop interventions for students who struggle to adhere to the school's culture vision.
    • Create and implement systems and structures rooted in restorative justice via robust restorative practices such as a refocus room, restorative circles, meditation and yoga, and a peer mediation program.
  • In collaboration with teachers, review student breach data, identify opportunities to improve, and build a response plan that is grounded in The Noble Community Pact’s Five-Step Restorative Practice Model: accountability, understanding, reflection, consequence, and atonement.
  • In collaboration with the Dean of Culture, analyze school-wide culture data and create or adjust systems and practices accordingly to ensure the  fidelity of implementation of Noble’s Restorative Practice Model that emphasizes relationships, community, and character development.
  • Ensure the successful implementation of  The Noble Community Pact designed to produce a school culture rooted in justice, love, joy, and anti-racism.

Operationalizing the Noble Community Pact 

  • Coach and support a caseload of teachers in establishing a positive classroom culture, to create a safe and supportive environment at all times, and to foster a high level of parental & community involvement. 
  • Manage a caseload students that need additional behavioral support & intervention to yield positive outcomes(MTSS)
  • Run, pull, and review school culture data and develop and execute systems, procedures, and plans to yield positive academic growth and increase prosocial interactions.
  • Create logs for all student interventions, conferences, and communications, using PowerSchool.

  • In collaboration with the Dean of Culture, build restorative mindsets and capacity for school staff, students, and community stakeholders, to implement the following Restorative Practices:
    • Restorative interventions
    • Restorative conversations
    • Talking circles
    • Peace circles
    • Peer conferences/mediations
    • Re-entry circles
  • In collaboration with the Dean of Culture, facilitate various forms of professional development:
    • Thought-partnering, collaborative reflection, and planning
    • Modeling, co-facilitating, and observing Restorative Practices implementation
    • Small-group and whole-staff training and workshops
    • Consultation to school leadership and school teams on the development and implementation of systems and structures for Restorative Practices

  • Support the integration of Restorative Practices with other SEL strategies, including but not limited to:
    • SEL skills instruction
    • De-escalation
    • Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Reducing practices
    • Classroom community building
    • School-wide systems and structures
    • Classroom Culture & Culture Vision
    • Adult SEL

  • In collaboration with the Dean of Culture, create and maintain systems and procedures for all school-wide systems that directly impact culture (i.e., R^3, hallway transitions, lunch/bathroom, arrival/dismissal, extracurricular activities, classroom removals, re-entry, character development programming).

Stakeholder Involvement

  • Develop strong, authentic, and transformational relationships with students, families, teachers, and staff while maintaining high expectations to advance positive school culture, aligned to the school’s culture vision.
  • Model relationship-building practices, and provide feedback and recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Proactively address questions and concerns students, families, teachers, staff, and community stakeholders have about Restorative Practices and implement strategies to gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Conduct school-wide restorative practices implementation evaluations and create reports and recommendation
  • Collaborate with various parties involved with a student’s success (parents/families, teachers/staff, social work, etc.) to determine the best plan for each student.

Ideal Qualifications:

  • A deep-rooted passion for Noble’s mission and Noble’s Anti-Racism Commitment.
  • Team player that is consistent, reliable, responsible, and embodies Noble’s core values of results, respect, follow-through, diversity, equity & inclusion, humility and self-awareness.
  • Unwavering belief in our Noble Community Pact and why it’s critical to student success
  • Flexible and is able to adapt to varied and unexpected situations
  • Welcomes feedback and seeks to improve continuously.
  • Ability to handle difficult situations and take control naturally
  • Strong transformational relationship building skills with students where high expectations are at the core
  • Speaks directly to people with candor and honesty and is willing to engage in and initiate productive conflict.
  • Works well under pressure and still maintains positivity with students, staff, and families

Noble Qualifications:

  • A belief that all students, regardless of background and current ability, can succeed in high school, college, and life
  • A belief in executing Noble’s approach to high expectations
  • A record of pursuing and achieving ambitious results
  • A regular practice of reflection and desire to continuously improve
  • Eligibility to work in the United States on a full-time basis

Compensation & Benefits
Given the importance of our support staff to the success of our schools, Noble offers among the top hourly rates of any schools in the Chicagoland area. Starting compensation is based on degree attainment and work experience.

Statement of Non Discrimination
Noble is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, making all employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status or any other characteristic or classification protected by law.

**This list of roles & responsibilities is not exhaustive.  As a staff member at a Noble campus, flexibility is needed in ensuring that the best possible work is done for our scholars and families **