The Noble Network of Charter Schools

Disciplinarian / Culture Team Member - SY19.20

School Support Chicago, Illinois

Positions available at Noble Street College Prep and Muchin College Prep.


Be Noble. Be a Disciplinarian at Noble.

Noble is Chicago’s highest-performing and largest network of public charter high schools. Our 18 schools and 1,300 employees currently serve over 12,300 students, 98% of whom are minority, 89% low-income, and 83% first-generation college goers. The School Quality and Rating Policy scores for the Chicago Public Schools rated Noble campuses as ten of the top fifteen public high schools in the city. We believe our people are the most valuable asset in preparing our students to be successful in college and lead exemplary lives. For that reason, we are looking for the best talent in education.

Who We’re Seeking

Noble’s mission is to and through college and our discipline and culture team members are critical in developing the habits and behavioral expectations necessary for college success. The discipline and culture team is also crucial for establishing and maintaining a strong school culture where learning is center. Note: This position can be known as Disciplinarian or Culture Team Member depending on the campus, but job responsibilities are similar.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop strong and authentic relationships with students while maintaining high expectations to advance positive school culture
  • Collaborate with various parties involved with a student’s success (teachers, social work, parents, etc.) to determine the best plan for each student
  • Manage a caseload of students that need additional behavior support
  • Review data and develop procedures and plans to push behavior data in the right direction
  • Monitor arrival, passing periods, lunch, and dismissal
  • Ensure the safety and security of the building and campus

Key Traits, Skills, and Experiences:

  • Unwavering belief in our student code of conduct and why it’s critical to student success
  • Flexible and is able to adapt to varied and unexpected situations
  • Ability to handle difficult situations and take control naturally
  • Strong relationship building skills with students where high expectations are at the core
  • Team player that is consistent, reliable, responsible, and always follows through
  • Works well under pressure and still maintains positivity with students, staff, and parents
Noble-Quality Non-Negotiables:
  • A belief that all students, regardless of background and current ability, can succeed in high school, college, and life
  • A belief in executing Noble’s approach to high expectations
  • A record of pursuing and achieving ambitious results
  • A regular practice of reflection and desire to continuously improve
  • Eligibility to work in the United States on a full-time basis

What Noble has to Offer

A Focus on Learning: Our campus leaders minimize disruptions and maximize time focused on student learning. All classes start on time and are never interrupted with announcements, copy rooms are stockpiled with paper, and over 95% of students are in attendance daily.  

Robust Student Services: We believe in serving the whole child. For this reason, each of our campuses is equipped with at least one full-time licensed Social Worker and teams of College Counselors. Additionally, our students have access to a variety of enrichment and extended learning options such as night and summer school courses and internship opportunities.

Active Community Involvement: Through parent advisory councils, feedback workshops, advocacy support, college enrollment guidance, quarterly parent-teacher conferences, advisory, and other engagement opportunities we invest in every student and family to build lasting, meaningful relationships.

Accountability and Support: Expectations are consistent for every adult and student in the building, and we welcome the accountability necessary to achieve excellence. We are obsessed with following through on the basics and are committed to supporting, developing, and retaining high-performing educators.

Be Noble. Join our Mission today!