Join Noble Today to provide students with a high-quality education that will prepare them for success in high school, college, and beyond.

Here, you will be part of Chicago’s largest and highest-performing network of charter schools.

50% of Noble staff identify as people of color
Noble teachers represent the top 5% of applicants
Avg. undergrad GPA of teachers hired last year

“ At Noble, people want to go above and beyond for each other. ”

Janelle Brown, Hansberry College Prep

“ Our staff and school culture is highly positive. It’s full of joy in a real way for both staff and students. ”

Casandra Pagni, Baker College Prep

“ I’m challenged and supported in doing what I love every day. ”

Kate Comey, Hansberry College Prep

“ We are given the resources we need to be successful. ”

Ben Gunty, Noble Street College Prep

“ At Noble, you will be surrounded by some of the most motivated people you’ll ever meet. ”

Steven Denza, Speer Academy

“ Noble is a place where you get to directly see the results of the work you put in. ”

Charles Rosentel, Pritzker College Prep

“ I love that I can just teach. Every day I wake up and want to come to work. The kids are amazing. ”

John Madonna, Muchin College Prep

“ Working at Noble feels like fighting on the winning team with resources and teammates that are moving the dial towards educational equity. ”

Annie Krieg, Gary Comer College Prep

“ You are pushed every single minute to become a better version of yourself. When I compare that to other teaching experiences I’ve had, the support from leadership and the larger network is what I was missing. ”

JuDonne Hemingway, Butler College Prep

“ If you are looking for a work environment that will challenge you professionally; provide you with skills you can apply outside of teaching; and give support for teachers and students then Noble is the place for you. ”

Anthony Hendrix, Rowe-Clark Math and Science Academy

“ My favorite thing about working at Noble is that it has pushed me professionally in ways I haven’t been pushed before. I’ve grown more in the past 2-and-a-half years that I’ve been here than in any other position I’ve had before. ”

Jodimae Lyttle, Hansberry College Prep

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The Environment

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The Work

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The People

The People

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