Shoshoni Language Teacher-Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy

Culture and Language (All Grades) Fort Hall, Idaho


Shoshoni Language Teacher


Is a member of CHIEF TAHGEE ELEMENTARY ACADEMY certified staff, CTEA is a Shoshoni language immersion charter school that delivers a unique K-6 student centered learning environment, which embodies the Shoshone-Bannock values of deniwape-lifeways of the people. Teaching staff will instruct pupils in essential concepts of education within the scope and sequence of the district’s exceptional education program. Implements such instructions in a highly effective and efficient manner. Utilizes cutting edge technology in preparation for and implementation of instruction. Capably measures the results of that instruction in a manner so as to determine the level of student success.
 RESPONSIBILITIES: Shoshoni Language Teacher in a CTEA setting will:

  • Creatively provide an interdisciplinary course of study that integrates reading, writing, analytical skills development in alignment with state curricular frameworks for core content areas in Shoshoni.
  • Implement district learning goals and objectives through traditional and technology blended learning techniques in Shoshoni.
  • Create developmentally appropriate, child centered environment that establishes positive student behavioral expectations conducive to all learners needs through structured routines, and positive behavioral interventions.
  • Establish classroom structure that values positive relationships through intentional implementation of appropriate curriculum in Shoshoni.
  • Promote bilingualism (Shoshoni/Bannock/English) throughout the learning environment.
  • Continually demonstrate mastery of the subject area taught, and mastery of generally acceptable instruction techniques.
  • Administer district beginning-year and end-of-year assessments in accordance with district guidelines.

 CORE COMPETENCIES: Using the Rubric of Effective Teaching, the Office of Human Capital has identified priority skills and abilities that all CTEA teachers should possess:

  1. Accountability for Student Achievement

(II-A-1. Quality of Effort and Work, II-D-2. High Expectations, I-B-2. Adjustments to Practice)

  • Sets ambitious learning goals for all students, creates cognitively demanding tasks, and models the belief that that all students can master challenging material through effective effort
  • Assesses students’ understanding regularly with ambitious learning goals in mind and takes ownership of making necessary adjustments to instruction to reach goals despite setbacks
  • Passionate and optimistic about their students, their content, and the teaching profession


  1. Communicating Content Knowledge

(I-A-1. Subject Matter Knowledge, I-A-4. Well-Structured Lessons)

  • Demonstrates mastery of and enthusiasm for content area and the pedagogy it requires in Shoshoni,
  • Demonstrates understanding for how the subject matter applies in real-world settings and connects to other content areas and relevant standards in Shoshoni,
  • Can convey content in creative and engaging ways that align to standards in Shoshoni.
  1. Equitable & Effective Instruction

(II-A-3. Meeting Diverse Needs, II-A-2. Student Engagement, II-B-1. Safe Learning Environment)

  • Scaffolds and differentiates instruction in order for all students to do complex thinking and rigorous academic work in Shoshoni,
  • Uses instructional practices that are likely to challenge, motivate, and engage all students and facilitate equitable, active student participation
  • Builds a productive learning environment where every student participates and is valued as part of the class community
  1. Cultural Proficiency

(II-C-1. Respects Differences, II-C-2. Maintains Respectful Environment)

  • Actively creates and maintains an environment in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected
  1. Parent/Family Engagement

(III-A-1. Parent/Family Engagement)

  • Engages with families and builds collaborative, respectful relationships with them in service of student learning
  1. Professional Reflection & Collaboration

(IV-A-1. Reflective Practice, IV-C-1. Professional Collaboration)

  • Regularly reflects on practice, seeks and responds to feedback, and demonstrates self-awareness and commitment to continuous learning and development
  • Seeks to participate in and contribute to a collaborative adult learning community.
  • Maintains cordial and cooperative working relationships with colleagues, Administration, and Board of Directors.
  • Knows and follows school policy and the chain of command.
  • Acts ethically and confidentially in all aspects of employment.

Job Requirements

  • At least 1 year of relevant experience preferred
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required
  • Position Type: Full-time
  • Positions Available: 1

  Job Category: Classroom Teacher > Elementary