Delivery Solution Architect

Services Pune, India Job Number: 13722

Position at NICE


Professional Services

Job Name:

Delivery Solution Architect

Job Purpose:

To validate technology solutions from Pre-Sales and deliver plans to successfully implement them for the customer.

Main Responsibilities

and Deliverables:


Review and document functional and non-functional requirements


Contribute to development of Statements of Work


Ensure seamless implementation of infrastructure and framework 


Present and assist with Services Solution and work plan to Customer and Delivery teams


Be the conduit between delivery teams and LOB/R&D to own and resolve product issues during delivery


Site set-up preparation requirements and guidelines for deployment


Review and validate Solution Design Document prepared by Pre-Sales team


Review and validate Infrastructure and Software requirements prepared by Pre-Sales


Develop technical work plan and effort estimates including risk mitigation and contingencies



Assist Project Managers and mentor Professional Services Engineers as required to successfully deliver projects

Qualifications / Education:

·       B.Sc in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field, and / or practical relevant experience or knowledge

·       Experience in NICE Platform and solutions offerings

·       Strong Client facing and interpersonal skills

·       Domain Expertise in relevant business operations 

·       Well-developed documentation, presentation and communication skills




Stage I – Developing Expertise

Stage II – Expanding Boundaries

Stage III – Managing Complexity

Stage IV – Owning a Professional Domain

Professional capabilities

·       Developing Expertise in role, becoming familiar with at least one NICE Enterprise product

·       Directed in several aspects of work. Relies on more experienced team members and mentoring, seeks professional guidance

·       Provides Input to writing scope statements

·       Provides estimates for work packages

·       Develops assigned  project deliverables such as design and architecture documents specific to project

·       Interacts with Customers and NICE project teams to deliver project objectives

·       Expert in at least one NICE Enterprise product, starting to develop expertise in more NICE products.

·       Reviews SOWs and provides  feedback on Project scope, deliverables, assumptions, and effort estimates

·       Develops complex project design / architecture deliverables for the project

·       Acts as technical owner of project and a single point of contact for Customer technical teams.


·       Expert in Multiple NICE    Enterprise products with ability to design solutions for multi-product implementation and integrations

·       Regarded as a Subject Matter Expert in many products

·       Performs project scope definition, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) creation, define deliverables and effort estimates.

·       Assists Project Manager in developing project plans

·       Assists in pre-sales phase  by the way of Customer meetings and input to SOWs

·       Reviews and critiques Technical Deliverables 

·       Measures Technical performance of the project

·       Identifies challenges and strategizes solutions

·       Usually works independently and mentors Architects in Level I and II

·       Expert in NICE Enterprise product suite and is able to design solution based on any/all products for implementation and integration

·       Advises on project plans, scoping documents and other required project documentation 

·       Defines standards for project deliverables

·       Reviews and integrates new products / architecture requirements into standards

·       Demonstrates NICE product expertise with authority in Senior client setting. Can be relied on to be a trusted advisor on complement implementation projects 

·       Acts as back up for team lead/manager as required

·       Mentors Solution Architects in all other stages

·       Potentially matrix manages Architect resources on a portfolio of projects at the project level  

Personal leadership

·       Collaborates with team members to achieve results

·       Actively engages others in work processes to expand and broaden professional domain knowledge

·       Influences others to achieve professional advancement

·       Effectively manages complexity and change in his/her professional domain

·       Influences within and across domains to promote the professional domain

·       Expands system knowledge and capabilities

Business Impact


·       Follows pre-allocated task and processes, may contribute to definitions

·       Leads the design effort on a variety of NICE projects

·       Focal point for customers and NICE groups

·       Holds full domain responsibility

·       Displays conceptual thinking and professional discretion in domain

·       Applies independent judgment

·       Designs, leads, and monitors the development of and implementation infrastructure and framework

·       Acts as a point of escalation for  low-level design problems both on the NICE and client sides

·       Must be able to solve high and low-level design problems both on the NICE and client sides

·       Applies ongoing professional discretion

·       Problem solves in new settings

·       Proactively seeks for improvement within and across domain

·       Influences the enterprise-level architecture and all key technical decisions for strategic and major clients and complex projects

·       Must be able to act as a point of escalation for high and low-level design problems both on the NICE and client sides

·       Drives decision making to promote the business within and across domains

·       Proactively seeks for synergies that contribute to overall company business

·       Takes broad external and internal perspectives into account

·       Becomes involved in hiring processes, project resourcing, training, etc.

·       Acts as back up for team leads / managers as required

Unit Addendum –

 (knowledge, expertise relevant to the specific unit)








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