Sr Software Engineer - Java

Software Noida, India Bangalore, India


We are seeking a talented and passionate backend server software engineer to join our software team. You will be working in an agile style development environment focused on streamline deliveries and close collaboration with product management, QA, field trial and operational teams.  You won’t be afraid of working under tight schedule in an interactive development environment with evolving requirements. You are enthusiastic about new technologies, and a fast learner to evaluate and apply them through your daily development work. You are a good problem solver; write self-explained and maintainable OOD style codes. 

Help the world become 3D!


·       Design and develop backend pipeline framework utilizing the latest in streaming technologies

·       Focus on performance and scaling the backend pipelines

·       API design and development

·       Ability of starting projects from scratch as well as maintaining and improving the performance of existing software

·       Multi-task and manage priorities in a fast paced environment

Desired Skills & Experience


·       Bachelors in Computer Science or related field

·       5+ years of industry experience

·       Excellent CORE JAVA programing and unit testing skills

·       Strong design patterns and good understanding of OOPS concept

·       Must have database experience relational or NOSQL

·       Understand Restful API and client server architecture, Microservice architecture

·       Experienced with spring boot or other development framework

·       Familiarity with source control and build environments


·       Knowhow of reactive programming

·       Experience with Kafka or other streaming data pipeline

·       Elastic search or other big data analysis

·       Redis, ElastiCache or other in memory cache database experience

·       Good understanding of AWS cloud components

Work Environment

·        Office and Remote Environment