Program Director

Management Cleveland, Ohio



The Program Director is responsible for programmatic development and oversight to a caseload of homes, individuals served, and a team of employees who provide direct services. The Manager makes certain that the quality of services provided is exceptional and at all times ensure the health and welfare of individuals served by New Avenues to Independence. Demonstrates and practices New Avenues values.  Responsible to promptly report to supervisor any circumstances that negatively affect the health, safety, or well-being of clients, staff, the agency or its property and equipment


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following; other duties may be assigned:



  1. Participates in the completion, implementation, development and documentation of both the ISP and Behavioral Support Strategies for individuals served.
  2. Ensure identification and achievement of positive programmatic outcomes for all individuals in the following areas:
  • Specific individual outcomes from the ISP
  • Community inclusion
  • Behavioral Support Strategies, medical needs and medication management
  • Program growth by filling the bed vacancies and expansion of services per established perimeters.
  1. Maintain effective relationships with team members to ensure the following:
  • Effective training and evaluation of Program Developer’s job performance
  • Frequent and relevant in home rotations which include on-site training and QA’s on both weekdays and weekends.
  • Weekend On-Call rotation
  1. Ensuring the accurate and timely completion of both the CPT&PAWS contracts for individuals served.
  2. Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with County Support Administrators and guardians regarding ISP and Behavioral Support Strategies outcomes as well as health and welfare concerns.
  3. Other job duties as assigned.


Evaluation Factors/Qualifications/Physical Requirements:                                                     


Evaluation Factors:

  1. There has been effective guidance, oversight, training of staff both on and off site, and as required direct implementation of the ISP and/or Behavioral Support Strategies for each individual served.
  2. Positive outcomes have been achieved for individuals served.
  3. CPT & PAWS contracts have been completed in a timely and accurate manner so that billing is submitted timely (within 30 days of service), and no more than $5,000 in services have been deemed uncollectible per calendar year.
  4. There has been ongoing, timely communication with all team members (at minimum monthly) regarding individual outcomes either positive or negative.
  5. Ensuring ongoing program growth by filling bed vacancies and expansion of services that generate incremental contribution margin per established perimeters. $
  6. Program will not exceed agency overtime goals and generates sustainable overtime savings. $
  7. Efficient and effective completion of other job duties.



  1. Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in a related field required; master’s degree preferred.
  2. Minimum of five (5) years prior experience in program management and development.
  3. Minimum of two (2) years’ experience with individuals with IDD.
  4. A valid Ohio driver’s license with 4 points or less on the individuals BMV driving record
  5. Auto Insurance


Physical Requirements:

  1. Is able to sit, stand, and walk at full capacity for at least eight hours and requires frequent bending, squatting, reaching above the shoulder, kneeling, balancing, pushing, and pulling.
  2. Lifting requirements of this position are frequent lifting of up to 20 lbs & occasional lifting of up to 50 lbs.
  3. Ergonomic team lifting of clients weighing up to and over 100 pounds.
  4. This position requires employees to use both hands for simple grasping, firm grasping & fine manipulations.
  5. This position requires exposure to environmental factors such as aggressive client behavior, over-the-counter chemicals & products, prescription medications, etc.
  6. This position requires that no treatment and/or medication adversely affect this person's ability to work.


I agree to comply with New Avenues policies, procedures and practices specific to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  I will maintain the minimum necessary standard to ensure that client/employee protected health information is kept confidential and private during processes related to payment and general operations of New Avenues.  I understand that violation of privacy and security rules under HIPAA can result in either a civil or criminal sanction.



If Hired, please be prepared to: Complete a drug screen Complete criminal background check Complete Online training