Integration Engineer/Domain Lead (MuleSoft)

Software Engineering Minneapolis, Minnesota Chicago, Illinois Phoenix, Arizona

Why Nerdery?  

Nerdery is a digital business consultancy entering one of the most exciting phases of growth in its 15-year history. We start with identifying business value and digital strategy and how that relates to the human experience of our clients customers, but then - within the same organization - we move all the way through design and engineering, enabled by a top class delivery organization. That means we can not only co-create the innovative ideas companies need in order to win in this new economy - but we can actually build them right in-house without any discontinuity whatsoever.

Why is this role important to Nerdery's work? 

APIs are the backbone of the internet, IoT, and much more. Enabling the right use of APIs to support long-term availability and scalability for our clients is required. This Nerd will be leveling up how we think about and explore APIs as well as how we communicate the importance of them to our clients. 

What will you do? 

You will have the opportunity to generate and structure key APIs for our clients, supporting real-world business problems: from garage doors to colossal conference attendees, APIs are the backbone of the business logic, and you will own them at Nerdery. You, alongside your team, will be key in transforming the way our clients see and use APIs to meet their digital business goals. 

Who are we looking for?

You are a seasoned, senior-level technologist who has experience with API gateways (huge plus for Mulesoft or Apigee). You are passionate about directing, writing, reading, and improving software in a specified set of technologies. You deliver on entire projects based on the goals, constraints, and business requirements set forth by a client. You then work to design innovative solutions as well as deconstruct them into user stories & tasks for other Engineers to execute on. 

You enjoy and are skilled at working with clients. People might say that you're particularly talented at breaking down complex ideas into easily digestible pieces so that anyone (even non-techies) can understand. 

Lastly, you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others in your domain and delegate work to be further planned out by other staff.

Why apply?  

Nerdery is a company that is focusing on the tomorrow of technology — we work on enabling our clients to tackle tough problems. The APIs that drive these solutions used to be monolithic, but now should support more scalable models — both from a team scalability perspective as well as utilizing cloud tools. Here, you'll get to focus on and help shape our clients' futures through the use of APIs to modernize their platforms, and that's pretty exciting.

Now what? 

Once you apply, a Talent Advocate (not a robotic system) will review your application and if you're a solid fit, will set up initial phone call. 

We hope to hear from you soon!