Principal Game Designer - Star Wars IP

Game Design & Production Brighton, East Sussex

As Principal Game Designer (Combat) at BossAlien, you will be the key designer of attacks, weapons, and systems for a new, premiere mobile shooter set in the Star Wars universe. You will help guide the look and feel of combat, create and balance fair, competitive weapons systems, and be one of the chief technical designers responsible for implementation.

You are a passionate fan of the shooter genre, and understand completely how to balance and craft a fair, fun competitive game in that space. You draw inspiration from systems-driven games, and understand that greatness in combat design doesn't mean just building a good weapon, but building tools that interact with the world at large in ways that surprise and delight the player and make them feel smart.

You know what makes the visual, auditory, and tactile elements of combat come alive in the shooter space, from details as small as bullet gravity and fall-off, to more subjective elements like why the right sound effect can turn an underwhelming weapon into a deeply satisfying one.

You are a skilled technical implementer as well, comfortable with prototyping quickly in editor, and finding fun through rapid iteration and playtest. You've used industry standard editors, and can champion best practices on the team in scripting and data organization.

Finally, you have a love and admiration for the Star Wars universe, and embrace the opportunity to make your mark and tell your story within one of the most beloved and storied franchises of all time.

This role reports directly to the project's Design Director.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with art, sound, and creative leadership to define the look and feel of melee and ranged weapons and attacks.
  • Design and plan for systems-driven interactions between weapons and tools you craft and the game environment.
  • Script and implement game systems in editor, and champion best practices in scripting and data organization to the rest of the design team.
  • Work closely with engineering on features and new editor functionality as necessary to execute the design vision for the game.
  • Design, iterate, and polish combat through playtest with the team.
  • Make smart use of analytics and data to inform combat design both in development as well as in a post-live context.
  • Direct and support external design/content development.
  • Own major pieces of the design from start to finish.

Required Experience & Skills

  • A seasoned game designer with combat and technical design experience on a high-quality shooter on any platform (PC/Console/Mobile).
  • Well versed in industry-standard editors and tools.
  • Deeply and intuitively familiar with all aspects of combat and systems in AAA shooters. Ideally, you’ve shipped one.
  • Experience in leading the feature design process from ideation and prototyping through polish and completion.
  • Able to communicate effortlessly with artists, engineers, and other creative professionals to communicate your vision for the game’s combat.
  • A believer in the power, reach, and potential of the next generation of mobile gaming, even if you’ve never built one before.

What Do We Offer?

  • Competitive salary, discretionary annual bonus scheme and Zynga stock allowance
  • Create next-gen games that will be played and loved by millions of players around the world
  • Work in a family-oriented, collaborative team that invests in your development and growth on-the-job
  • A diverse team of friendly, fun and supportive co-workers
  • Flexible working hours & crunch-free working culture
  • Communal music and laid-back atmosphere
  • Summer/Christmas parties and Happy Hour in the studio each Friday
  • 2019 holiday allowance, 25 days plus Christmas shutdown
  • Private medical care and healthcare cash plan
  • Life insurance and critical illness insurance
  • 6 months fully paid maternity leave or 3 months fully paid paternity leave
  • Annual season ticket loan and cycle to work scheme
  • Well stocked office kitchen and free lunch on Mondays 

NaturalMotion is an equal opportunity employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, pregnancy, marital status or veteran status.