Sr. Full Stack Game Engineer

Engineering Los Angeles, California


N3TWORK builds fun, engaging, free to play games for iOS and Android. We are looking for full stack engineers to  join our small, focused team of experienced veterans to build games.


  • Work with a small, focused team to help design and build successful free to play games on iOS and Android.
  • Be a generalist with additional depth in one or more areas such as graphics, audio, scalable servers, networking or AI.
  • Implement both client and server side game features.
  • Write and maintain quality, readable code.
  • Collaborate with designers and artists to bring our games to life.


  • 5+ years experience in C#, ObjC, C++ or Java.
  • Deep knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design patterns and how to apply them to the problem at hand.
  • Experience with Unity mobile game development on iOS or Android.
  • Shipped and operated at least one mobile free to play game.
  • Understanding of and interest in successful free to play game design and development.
  • Experience with secure, scalable RESTful API design and development for mobile games.
  • Curiosity that drives you to continually learn new things.


  • Production experience with Unity.
  • Production experience running servers at scale using Java, Python or Ruby in AWS.
  • Experience with database design and scaling.