Certified Nurse Anesthetist CHX

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Charlevoix, Michigan Professional Anesthesiologists Full-Time Day/Rotate

Requisition #: 50000
Total hours worked per week: 37.5



Current Registered Nurse License in the state of Michigan. 

Graduate of a Nurse Anesthesia Educational Program accredited by the AANA Council. 

Current Specialty license in Nurse Anesthesia. 

Current certification or recertification from AANA Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists.  

Current BLS and ACLS certifications.  



Reports to Director of Anesthesia 



Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare. 

Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare with a focus on True North. 

Promotes personal and patient safety. 

Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times. 

Demonstrates ability to administer all types of anesthesia, including: general, regional, local and intravenous sedation.   

Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development and the skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patient, neonate through geriatric. 

Performs and documents pre-anesthetic assessment and evaluation of the patient, including: all appropriate lab values, study results, consultative information and pre-anesthesia clinical history. 

Documents evidence of informing patient of all risks, potential complications, options and alternatives to anesthesia. Obtains informed consent. 

Develops, implements and documents an anesthetic plan of care, prior to providing anesthesia. Documents planned anesthesia selection for patient.   

Performs an assessment immediately prior to induction of anesthesia of the patient and documents this medical record. 

Checks all equipment and agents to be used in the administration of the anesthetic to assure safe working order. Reports all malfunctioning equipment to the Director of Anesthesia and/or the OR Nurse Manager immediately. 

Maintains the patient’s physiologic homeostasis and corrects abnormal responses to the anesthesia and/or surgery, should these occur. 

Collects and interprets patient physiological data by selecting and applying noninvasive monitoring modalities.  

Displays ability to intubate most patients with ease, manages the patient’s airway and pulmonary status through the perioperative process. 

Performs a smooth induction of anesthesia for patients requiring general anesthetic. 

Performs smooth patient emergence and recovery from anesthesia by maintaining homeostasis, providing relief from pain and anesthesia side effects. 

Performs post-anesthetic assessment, records post-anesthetic visit, including at least one note describing the presence or absence of anesthesia related complications. 

Prevents and manages complications through selecting, obtaining, ordering and administering medications, fluids or ventilator support in correct dosages and methods. 

Records all pertinent events taking place during the induction of: maintenance of and emergence from anesthesia, including the dosage and duration of all anesthetic agents, other drugs, intravenous fluids and blood/blood components on all patients that have received anesthesia care. 

Maintains responsibility for the patient as long as required by the patient’s condition relative to his/her anesthesia status and until responsibility for proper care has been assumed by other qualified individuals. 

Advises staff responsible for post-anesthesia care of specific problems related to patient’s condition. 

Provides follow-up evaluation and care related to anesthesia complications and/or side effects. 

Works closely with the Director of Anesthesia, OR Nurse Managers, the Medical Staff and other clinical department managers in addressing anesthesia service issues as they relate to all hospital patients ranging in age from newborn to elderly. 

Documentation meets current standards and policies. 

Provides on-call coverage, as necessary, in addition to normally scheduled hours. Arrives for emergency cases within the time frame defined by hospital policy. 

Responds to emergency situations requiring anesthesia services, knowledge or technique throughout the organization. 

Documents all narcotic usage and performs narcotic double counts as required by organizational policy. Does NOT carry anesthetic agents or narcotics on person. 

Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses psychosocial needs of patient and family. 

Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.