Per Diem RN - CCU - Variable Shift

Munson Healthcare Grayling Grayling, Michigan Intensive Care Unit - Cad Gray Rotating shift

Requisition #: 53768
Total hours worked per week: Varies


Job Summary

The Registered Nurse facilitates relationship-centered, compassionate, quality care to patients through competent clinical practice and the application of the healing art and science of professional nursing.  Optimizes health and healing, prevention or resolution of illness, disability or injury, alleviation of suffering, and advocacy in the care of individuals in conjunction with interdisciplinary teams of health care providers, family members, and support systems.  Exercises independent judgment in utilizing the nursing process to assess, diagnose, identify outcomes, plan, implement, and evaluate direct patient care in accordance to ANA Standards of Professional Nursing Practice, institutional policies and procedures, applicable laws and regulations.

All Registered Nurses have the authority, responsibility and accountability for nursing practice and the advancement of nursing practice, and are expected to abide by the Provision of the Code of Ethics for Nurses (ANA, 2010) as follows:

  • The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health problems.
  • The nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group or community.
  • The nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient.
  • The nurse is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice and determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurse’s obligation to provide optimum patient care.
  • The nurse owes the same duties to self as to others, including the responsibility to preserve integrity and safety, to maintain competence, and to continue personal and professional growth.
  • The nurse participates in establishing, maintaining, and improving the healthcare environments and conditions of employment conducive to the provision of quality health care and consistent with the values of the profession through individual and collective action.
  • The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and knowledge development.
  • The nurse collaborates with other health professionals and the public in promoting community, national, and international efforts to meet health needs.
  • The profession of nursing, as represented by associations and their members, is responsible for articulating nursing values, for maintaining the integrity of the profession and its practice, and for shaping social policy.


Minimum Requirements, Education and Experience

  • Valid Registered Nurse licensure authorized in the applicable state of practice/employment.
  • Baccalaureate Degree in the Science of Nursing (BSN) Degree from an accredited school of nursing is strongly preferred and encouraged.  Associate’s Degree from an accredited school of nursing required as a minimum.
  • Current Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification or obtained within 3 months of hire.
  • Specialty credentialing preferred according to clinical nursing practice specialty.
  • Membership in an appropriate professional nursing organization is recommended.
  • Successful completion of Munson Healthcare Grayling RN orientation and competency requirements.
    • Competency requirements expected to be completed outside of normal number of shifts/hours per pay period

Physical and Mental Requirements and Working Conditions:

  • Requires the ability to work designated shift lengths, including 8 and 12 hours, which may include night shifts or occasional irregular hours.
  • Has the physical stamina to meet the requirements of this job, including constant movement, frequent bending, stooping and occasional sitting, twisting and squatting.
  • Uses appropriate safety transfer techniques, body mechanics and lifting equipment when moving, transporting, etc. patients or equipment in excess of 35 pounds.
  • Uses both hands to perform the job duties and hand use requires simple and firm grasping and fine manipulating.
  • Constantly communicates with and to patients, families, other care team members and staff about patient care.  Must be able to exchange accurate information at all times.
  • Must be able to visually observe (at a near visual acuity level) to assess patients and document findings and orders.
  • Must function effectively under stressful situations with competing priorities and frequent interruptions.
  • Requires a high level of mental concentration to attain established deadlines.
  • Exposed to emotional stresses associated with the care of the ill and dying. 
  • Work is performed generally in indoor conditions, with potential exposure to blood, body fluids and waste, infectious disease, needles, radiation, chemicals.

Organizational Requirements 

Must have the ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality, and able to articulate and demonstrate commitment to the Mission and Values of Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital.  Must demonstrate a commitment to the organizational Guiding Behaviors, Just Culture and Culture of Safety.  Maintains a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations, the Organizational Integrity Program, Code of Ethics, as well as other policies and procedures in order to ensure adherence in a manner that reflects honest, ethical and professional behavior.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that individuals access, use and disclose the minimum patient information necessary for the individual to perform his or her job duties.  This position's access to information systems will be based on job duties and reasonably limited to the minimum information necessary for the position to carry out its duties.  Employees are authorized to access health information only when necessary to do their work, and only when on duty.

Age of Patients Served

All Ages of Patients served

Position Accountabilities/Essential Functions:

Utilizes the ANA Nursing Process (2010) to perform the following functions:

  • Assessment:  collects comprehensive data pertinent to the healthcare consumer’s health and/or the situation.
  • Diagnosis:  analyzes the assessment data to determine the diagnoses or the issues.
  • Outcomes Identification:  identifies expected outcomes for a plan individualized to the healthcare consumer or the situation.
  • Planning:  develops a plan that prescribes strategies and alternatives to attain expected outcomes.
  • Implementation:  Implements the identified plan.
  • Coordination of Care – coordinates care delivery
  • Health Teaching and Health Promotion – employs strategies to promote health and a safe environment
  • Consultation – the advanced practice registered nurse and the nursing role specialist provide consultation to influence the identified plan, enhance the abilities of others and effect change.
  • Prescriptive Authority and Treatment – the advanced practice registered nurse uses prescriptive authority, procedures, referrals, treatments and therapies in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Evaluation:  evaluates progress toward attainment of outcomes.

Follows the ANA Standards of Professional Performance (2010):

  • Quality of Practice – systematically enhances the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice
  • Education – attains knowledge and competency that reflects current nursing practice.  Embrace change and lifelong learning, taking personal accountability to seek out experiences that reflect current practice in order to maintain skills and competence in clinical practice and role performance.
  • Professional Practice Evaluation – evaluates one’s own nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines, relevant statutes, rules, and regulations.  Seek and incorporate feedback concerning improvement in one’s own practice.
  • Collegiality – interacts with and contributes to the professional development of peers and colleagues.
  • Ethics – integrates ethical provision in all areas of practice
  • Research – integrates research findings into practice
  • Resource Utilization – considers factors related to safety, effectiveness, cost and impact on practice in the planning and delivery of nursing services
  • Leadership – provides leadership in the professional practice setting and the profession.  Support and participate in nursing shared governance and interdisciplinary decision-making.
  • Environmental Health – practices in an environmentally safe and healthy manner.

Carries out the Mission and Values of Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital Guiding Behaviors, and passionately contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Practices within the legal scope of a Registered Professional Nurse as outlined by the state of Michigan and delivers competent care consistent with standards/policies, laws, regulators/accreditation/certifying organizations.

Abides by the Provision of the Code of Ethics for Nurses (ANA, 2010).

Proficiently uses applicable technology and software to:

  • Support and document nursing activities and patient care; and
Access other work-related applications necessary to be an engaged and active associate of the organization, such as company email, HealthStream modules, employee engagement surveys, benefit and compensation information, and policies and procedures, etc