Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Munson Healthcare Otsego Memor Gaylord, Michigan Pediatric Clinic Full-Time Day shift

Requisition #: 50649
Total hours worked per week: 40



Supports an environment in which patients and families are encouraged to participate in care and decision making at the level they choose. 


In collaboration with and/or under the supervision of the medical director or staff physician, provide primary health care services for patients and families, focusing on wellness and health promotion in addition to disease management.  Serve as a leader, educator and researcher for patients, their families and the community. 





  1. Provide comprehensive primary care within the regulatory guidelines set by the State of Michigan and Rural Health Clinic Code of Federal Regulations including performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, prescribing and administering medical treatment and medications; collaborate with physician in order to plan and coordinate patient care.
  2. Participate in the development, execution and annual review of the written policies/procedures governing the services the Clinic provide; participate with the physician in a periodic review of the patients’ health records.
  3. Obtain health histories and assess the stated health of the patient in order to determine health care needs and documents findings in the medical record.
  4. Perform complete screening examinations and routine examinations in order to determine a baseline, reflect the nature of the patient visit, diagnose and promote good health.
  5. Perform, order and interpret routine laboratory tests; notify patients of results as appropriate.
  6. Consult and instruct patients in order to provide support, facilitate recovery and foster patient self-care at home; promote health through continued follow-up care.
  7. Effectively utilize consulting physicians and other diagnostic services that are not provided by the Clinic.
  8. May routinely perform such therapeutic procedures as (but is not limited too): debridement, suture and subsequent care of wounds; removal of impacted cerumen, subcutaneous local anesthesia, nasal packing for epistaxis; splint sprains and fractures; incise and drain localized abscesses and utilize cryotherapy to warts; and other procedures the AHP is trained to perform and not limited by the medical director.
  9. May routinely perform such diagnostic procedures as: drawing venous blood, Papanicolaou smears, collect culture specimens, EKG interpretation, and other procedures commensurate with experience and training.    
  10. Interpret and integrate data to determine appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as needed.
  11. Perform complete physical exam and records findings. Collaborate with physician regarding management of patients’ acute and long-term medical needs.
  12. Order appropriate laboratory and diagnostic procedures.
  13. Synthesize data to determine diagnosis and therapeutic plan utilizing principles of prevention.


  1. Administer medications and injections; suture minor lacerations.
  2. Perform other related duties as assigned.
  3. Maintain a system for accurately recording and reporting patient conditions in the medical record; assure medical records are transferred as required when patients are referred; participate in annual review for quality and completeness.
  4. Interview and provide recommendations to patients regarding health and illness prevention. Recommend community resources to meet patient and family needs.
  5. Instruct patients and family regarding medications and treatment instructions. Provide patient information.
  6. Maintain and review patient records, charts, and other pertinent information. Post tests and examination results.
  7. Triage patient telephone calls and provide consultation.
  8. Manage medical and surgical emergencies.
  9. Provide monitoring and continuity of care between physician visits.
  10. Attend required meetings; participate in committees as required.
  11. Participate in professional development activities and maintain professional affiliations.
  12. Maintain and ensure confidentiality of Protected Health Information (PHI).
  13. Perform other related work as required.
  14. Adheres to OMH policies and procedures to minimize risk of harm to patients or staff.
  15. Accepts and supports a culture of teamwork.





Must be certified as mid level provider in the State of Michigan and insurable for professional liability; demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills, and ability to make quality independent decisions.


Approved Professional Reference Manuals:  Clinical Guidelines in Family Practice; Uphold & Graham, 2003 4th Edition




The job requires fifty percent (50%) of the time standing and/or walking, frequent lifting, pushing, and/or pulling loads up to 25 pounds.


The tasks performed on the job produce exposure to injuries (cuts, fractures, strains, burns, etc.) obtained in use of equipment, hazardous material or health hazards (based on contact with communicable diseases) that could result in permanent or long-term illness or injury.


Agreeable working conditions.