Care Team Coordinator

Munson Healthcare Grayling Grayling, Michigan Network Administration Net 1 Contingency Day shift

Requisition #: 37436
Total hours worked per week: Varies


Job Summary:  The Care Team Coordinator (Medical Assistant or LPN) is part of a multidisciplinary patient-care team providing and coordinating medical care in an outpatient setting following a patient-centered model. Job duties include accountability for ensuring that the physician/mid-level practitioner (i.e., MD, DO, PA, NP) is focused on “provider level” work leading to increased face time with the patient. Facilitate all aspects of the patient visit experience, including but not limited to performing a comprehensive chart scrub, running the daily team huddle, rooming/intake, comprehensive medication reconciliation, in-room checkout and test tracking/surveillance. Typically responsible for some administrative duties, including checking patients in and out, scheduling referrals and follow-ups, obtaining signatures, form completion, taking phone calls, and providing lab results. May perform limited special procedures and treatments as trained and directed under the supervision of a licensed clinical professional.  Reports to Clinical Services Manager

 Minimum Requirements:  

 Medical Assistant Minimum Requirements: 

High School diploma or equivalent.  Successful completion of a certified Medical Assistant program of study through an accredited medical assistant program that includes medical terminology coursework. BCLS / CPR certification or obtain within 3 months of hire. 

  LPN Minimum Requirements:

Graduate of an approved accredited LPN program. Current Practical Nurse license in the State of Michigan, in good standing.  BCLS/CPR certification or obtain within 3 months of hire.

 Additional Requirements:

All newly hired Medical Assistants will be required to obtain the Medical Assistant Certification (CMA) through the American Association for Medical Assistants (AAMA), or the Registration (RMA) through the Association for Medical Technologists (AMT).  If the CMA or RMA has not been previously obtained, a testing date needs to be obtained prior to hire, which must be scheduled no later than five weeks out from the official start date with Munson Healthcare Grayling.  Employees who do not meet this deadline and do not have CMA or RMA obtained within five weeks of his/her start date will be terminated from employment.                                                                                               

Skills, Talents and Abilities:  Effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills with the ability to comfortably interact with diverse populations.  Ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment with a strong customer-service orientation. Ability to handle patient and organizational information in a confidential manner. Assertiveness, organizational skills, effective time management, flexibility and self-motivation are essential.

Must have good working knowledge of computer systems with emphasis on Word, Excel, and other programs related to the position.  Possess the basic business office skills with emphasis on telephones, computers, and fax and copy machines. Experience using EMR, NextGen and the ability to type at least 30 wpm is preferred.

Position Accountabilities:

 Care Team Coordinator Level I


  1. Prepares and maintains exam rooms, laboratory area and lavatory with supplies before the start of the day, at the end of the day and as needed throughout the day.
  2. Rooms and prepares patients for exams including chief complaint, vital signs and information or set up anticipated for the type of appointment, initiates the medication reconciliation process, carries outstanding orders when appropriate.
  3. Completes tasks associated with chronic disease management, symptom presentation, and Care Guidelines during the rooming/intake process: 
    • Blood glucose test for patients with diabetes;
    • Peak flow, pulse oximetry for asthma exacerbation, COPD, pre- and post nebulizer treatment;
    • Urine dip for symptoms of urinary tract infection/pregnancy;
    • Rapid strep test for sore throat.
      Maintains patient privacy in the rooming process.
  4. Provides assistance with patient exams and medical procedures.
  5. Ensures lab specimens are properly labeled, recorded, and sent to the appropriate outside laboratory.
  6. Provides medication administration and instruction to patients on the use of medications as directed by the provider.
  7. Refilling of medications as directed by the provider, following medication protocols.
  8. Provides instruction on home care, patient education and gives general health information and/or follow-up instruction as directed by a provider.
  9. Informs patient of normal test result and follow-up instruction, either by phone or by letter, as directed by the provider.
  10. Schedules patient diagnostic imaging appointments following clinic procedure.  Instructs patient on prep, if needed; check-in time; and confirms imaging facility.
  11. Is the liaison between front desk, provider, and health care team members to ensure timely and orderly flow throughout the clinic.
  12. Manages patient expectation (e.g. Wait time, service delay) through communication and documentation of the same.
  13. Documents accurately and concisely within the electronic medical record (EMR), including using two patient identifiers (name & date of birth), using flags when appropriate.  Communicates the patient status accurately in verbal and written reports to the appropriate health care provider(s).
  14. Maintains proficiency in EMR use as well as other modes of communication, including instant messaging, e-mail, and the intranet system.
  15. Follows established procedures for opening and closing the clinic each day.
  16. Attends staff, clinic, POD/team huddles and in-service meetings. 
  17. Demonstrates awareness and actively strives to achieve quality performance measure goals/performance metrics. Actively participates in POD/care team initiatives.
  18. Remains knowledgeable of payer sources that may affect patient care and knowledgeable of assistance programs and community resources available to patients.
  19. Potential for other duties as role expands and as assigned.


Care Team Coordinator Level II

To advance to Care Team Coordinator Level II, the individual must demonstrate proficiency consistently in the follow areas and must pass a re-evaluation on an annual basis. 

Demonstrated proficiency is to be determined by the Clinical Services Manager and the individual’s physician/mid-level practitioner with final approval from the Director of Operations or the Director of HR.  


  1. All job duties and responsibilities listed in Care Team Coordinator Level I
  2. Anticipates provider & patient needs prior and during visits.
  3. Users' reports to identify and respond to panel needs.
  4. Follows disease specific protocol management using Care Guidelines
  5. Performs clinic support tasks as assigned: sterile instrument management, autoclave testing.
  6. Manages complex clinical & interpersonal situations professionally.
  7. Responsible for reviewing immunization inventory and needs.
  8. Participates in organizational committees (Safety, PCMH, EMR, Practice Visit Redesign sub-committee for workflow initiative, etc.)
  9. Tests new EMR workflows and gives an assessment based on clinic need as opposed to individual practice.
  10. Orients and trains new staff members.
  11. Demonstrates ability to view job-related issues within the context of the clinic as a whole.


Care Team Coordinator Level III (Scribe)

 To advance to Care Team Coordinator Level III, individual’s must demonstrate proficiency consistently in the follow areas and must pass a re-evaluation on an annual basis. 

 Successful individual’s must have:

  • Strong medical terminology knowledge
  • Pass an internal organizational certifying exam 
  • Proficient computer skills including: the ability to type 30 wpm, navigation within a windows operating system, and use of electronic mail with exposure to electronic medical records systems.
  • Ability to effectively multi-task, with excellent prioritization and organization skills.
  • High attention to detail and accuracy when documenting health information.
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast paced and stressful environment. 

 Demonstrated proficiency is to be determined by the Clinical Services Manager and the individual’s physician/mid-level practitioner with final approval from the Director of Operations or the Director of HR.  


  1. All job duties and responsibilities listed in Care Team Coordinator Level II
  2. Serves as a change agent in POD/care team improvement initiatives.
  3. Tests new EMR workflows and gives an assessment based on clinic need as opposed to individual practice.
  4. Prepares and assembles medical record documentation/chart for physician prior to the patient visit. Anticipates physician/mid-level practitioner needs for patient visits by obtaining internal and external previous medical records and test results. Ensures that available documents contain information on the type of device, settings, intervals, measurements, etc. and that surgical history documents contain information on procedural anatomy.
  5. Enters the patient room with the physician during the patient visit to capture and transcribe medical record documentation in real time using electronic medical record applications. Interprets the physician's communication with the patient and documents in appropriate medical terms and phrasing.
  6. Facilitates the physician's orders for follow-up testing, lab orders, medication orders, consults and/or referrals and the associated diagnosis to be connected with those orders. Documents the correct follow-up instructions and level of service designation based on the physician's direction. Assists the physician in data entry of the device data.
  7. Completes medical records for each encounter ensuring accurate and timely documentation. Under physician direction, updates patient history and other pertinent health information in the patient record. Prepares and sends all documentation to the provider for review and approval.