Health Care Mechanic

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Frankfort, Michigan Plant Engineering PM/Night

Requisition #: 53550
Total hours worked per week: 40



Under general supervision, according to hospital standards and regulatory agency requirements, performs duties associated with numerous maintenance activities including construction, (routine carpentry, plastering, painting etc.) electrical, maintenance, plumbing and mechanical work. Position requires certification as a Healthcare Mechanic or Senior Healthcare Mechanic as outlined below. 


High school diploma or equivalent and two or more years of building trades experience required.

Certified Healthcare Mechanic status within three years of hire date. Senior Certified Healthcare Mechanic status within five years of date of hire.

Ability to lift/carry 80#.

Overall dexterity to include handling hand & power tools, lawn and snow equipment, climb ladders, scaffolding, etc.

Interpersonal ability to interact with Hospital employees.

Proven aptitude in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and maintenance processes and procedures.

Ability to apply knowledge and proper techniques in the use of tools and materials, planning and layout of work, and reading and interpretation of blueprints and specifications.

Basic computer skills. 

Please check the appropriate age specific competencies:

 _____Prenatal & Perinatal (0-2)    _____Middle-Aged Adult (29-53)

_____Young Child (2-8)                 _____Geriatric (54-74)

_____Adolescent (9-15)                 _____Frail Adult (75+)

_____Adult (16-28)                          __x__Not applicable, no clinical contact


Please check the appropriate health and safety requirements:

______Exposure to blood and/or body fluids

__x___Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals or Pharmaceuticals

__x___Repetitive bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, 25 lbs to equivalent of employee's weight

_____ Minimal bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, 0-25 lbs

_____ Moderate bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, 10-25 lbs

_____ Continual standing

_____ Continual sitting

_____ Sporadic keyboarding, sitting, standing

_____ Utilization of personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, gowns, boots, etc)

_____ Continual keyboarding


According to assignment, performs duties utilizing personal basic set of tools (list available in Manager's office) and hospital provided tools in any and all of the following maintenance areas:

Plumbing Work

  • Cuts and bends pipe; cuts threads, fits valves and couplings, seals connections with caulk and cuts passage holes in walls and floors.
  • Installs pipe assemblies and plumbing fixtures. Attaches pipe assemblies with brackets or hangers; installs fixtures such as sinks, toilets, showers, water heaters, etc.
  • Repairs and maintains plumbing systems and fixtures; inspects connections for leaks; replaces defective pipe, fittings, washers, etc.

 Carpentry/Construction Work

  • Constructs, repairs and maintains wooden structures and furnishings using hand and power tools.
  • Assists in remodeling and project construction work; builds partitions, "rough-in" walls, hangs drywall, sets door frames, pours concrete, hangs ceilings, and so on.
  • Makes minor repairs to furniture and other wooden articles.

Plaster Work

  • Applies and repairs plaster on interior walls of Hospital buildings.
  • Prepares surfaces according to type of finished job required.
  • Prepares plaster by mixing "ready mix" or appropriate amounts of base substances (sand and plaster) with water.
  • Applies plaster to surface with trowel and smooths using float or other tool.

 Painting (as necessary)

  • Applies coats of paint and (occasionally) stains and varnishes to decorate and protect the Medical Center's interior and exterior surfaces, equipment and furnishings. Primarily utilizes brushes, rollers and various latex and oil paints.
  • Prepares surfaces for painting; washes, sands, scrapes, wire brushes, steelwools, applies removers, and fills holes, cracks and joints with putty and plaster.

Mechanical Work

  • Dismantles, cleans, lubricates, replaces defective parts, and otherwise repairs and reassembles machines and equipment.
  • Tests to ensure the operation of new and repaired/reassembled equipment.
  • Makes regular inspections of all mechanical spaces to observe the operating equipment associated with the delivery of services and utilities such as heating, ventilating, cooling, refrigeration, power, vacuum, sewage, water, etc. Performs preventative maintenance duties and reports malfunctions to supervisor.

 Electrical Work

  • Installs, tests, repairs and replaces electrical/electronic systems, equipment and appliances using hand and power tools and appropriate testing devices in order to supply and maintain electrical power for lighting and equipment operation in the Hospital.
  • Installs, tests, repairs and replaces data and voice cabling systems.
  • Performs electrical safety checks on new and existing equipment as required.

Records time and material utilized on various projects and maintains par level stock requirements for emergency repairs. Enters information into computer system and utilizes system capabilities.

Estimates material requirements, reads blueprints and specifications, diagnoses problems and determines most efficient work method. Completes purchase order request for needed items.

Performs preventative maintenance duties and enters required data into appropriate computer program.

Cares for Hospital grounds, removes snow, cuts grass, and performs other lawn and grounds care tasks; cleans driveways and parking lots; washes vehicles, fills gas tanks and cleans garages and performs related duties.

Utilizes hand and power tools, ladders and scaffolds in such a manner as to prevent injury or damage to equipment.  Follows all work/safety rules. Maintains hand and power tools.

Cleans diffusers, light fixtures and stairwells.

Conducts security rounds of Hospital buildings and grounds; eliminates safety hazards from the Hospital premises.

Drives Hospital vehicles.

Applies CQI concepts and methods throughout related activities.

Performs job responsibilities in an ethical, compliant manner consistent with the organization's values and the Hospital's Corporate Compliance program, policies, procedures and protocols.

Performs other related duties as requested.