General Affairs

Human Resources Toledo, Ohio



Responsible for:

·        Company events: arrange catering, entertainment, seating.

·        Preparations for visitors, meetings and VIP’s.

·        HMA Car Lease: assist in placing orders, assist in return of vehicles, and distribute all information regarding leases upon request. Calculate monthly invoice information and provide it to Finance & Payroll for deductions from each lessee's check. Responsible for insurance coverage, payments and assisting with insurance claims for leased vehicles.

·        Invoice payment:  processing of monthly invoices / expenses in SAP and gMobis.

·        Apartment leasing:  arrange apartment lease for long term visitors. Negotiate best prices for furnished apartments for long term visitors.

·        Office management: order postage stamps, distribution of mail and prepare FedEx shipments and pickups. Order beverage supplies. Deal with any issues related to food vending service for employees. Take inventory of office furniture annually and make sure all is accounted for and add new furniture to inventory. Requires information to be compared to previous year(s) accurately which needs to be entered into an Excel spreadsheet. Submit inventory information of office furniture annually in gMobis. Also review prices, other companies as possibilities and procedures in an effort to improve when possible. Vending services for employees.

·        Facility management: Oversee physical security, janitorial and landscaping. Communicate to maintenance about facility repairs or call vendors to perform work.

·        Process liability insurance payments each month or quarter. Assist GA Senior Manager with property & liability insurance renewals and issues.

·        Travel arrangements:  Receive travel requests and arrange with Travel agent, online search for best flight prices, arrange rental cars and hotel accommodations locally and out of town.

·        Copier/printer repairs & supply ordering:  order supplies for all printers/copiers and request repairs for main office copier/printers. Assist GA Senior Manager with contract negotiation and prices for copiers/printers.

·        Negotiate prices and/or contracts with vendors/companies General Affairs uses.

·        Cell phone inventory:  keep track of all cell phones that are issued to MNA Ohio plant employees/contractors.  Reset passwords and perform administration functions for cell phones as well as troubleshooting technical issues. Setup email on cell phones. Negotiate cell phone contracts.

·        Email/phone list upkeep:  update phone/email list when changes occur.

·        Create, edit and print business cards for employees as needed.

·        Recycling and waste management, tracking, verification, contracting vendors, processing payments/reimbursements, contact vendors for pick-ups. Submit report monthly via gMobis to CEO.

·        Purchase, arrange installation and manage audio visual equipment for conference rooms.

·        Purchase, arrange installation and manage CCTV for the facility and access to cameras.

·        Manage all access controls and program proper badge access to employees.

·        Manage and track exit / entering of IT assets (i.e. laptops).

·        Manage visitors. Electronic sign in, place security stickers on electronic devices with cameras and keep records of all visits and devices entering / exiting facility.

·        Manage tracking logs for visitors, shipping & receiving trucking logs for security purposes and audits.

·        Manage, research and implement RE100 standards for facility.

·        Enter activity data monthly into HQ Greenhouse gas Management System (MGMS).

·        Read, comprehend and carry out terms of lease agreement. Mobis point of contact for the landlord and expected to communicate with the landlord as needed. Reconcile common expenses shared between Mobis and Landlord. Make lease and common expense payment monthly to landlord.

·        All other tasks assigned


Education / Skill / Experience Requirements:  High school diploma or equivalent.  Excellent computer skills, especially MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheet.