Materials Planner

Manufacturing Toledo, Ohio


Essential Duties:

 CUM, Normal Production, Event parts management and monitoring

    - Prevent JNAP/MNA/Other customers’ parts/containers shortage (Top      priority)
    - CUM Analysis (Initialization/verification and daily Hot parts monitoring)
    - Load sheet release and truck schedule arrangement and utilization monitoring
    - Expedite, Extra truck order and cancel as well as cost analysis
    - Short/over ship parts control and monitoring
    - EDI, SAP order monitoring, system error analysis and feedback
    - Material master list (usage, BOM etc) update and error feedback
    - Model year change, Rev level change, Launch, and Build-Out management.
    - FCA Purchasing portal (e-Supplier connect), Web CN access and monitoring
(Pilot/Prototype/IAA/PER sample time schedule control)
    - Safety stock optimization and Min, Max Analysis
    - Obsolescence part control and claim management (SEECS, SCCS)
    - Good relationship and communication with customer, suppliers and other teams

 Incoming parts/containers, Stock Transfer management

    - Analysis and report Pending ASN, GR Error verification
    - Daily and Weekly GR Verification
    - DMR/RMA report and packing slip creation as well as maintain history log
    - Free of Change sample, return to vendor, in and out samples or parts,
and quality issue parts management.
    - OS&D process follow up and reporting (material handlers, logistics issue)
    - Supervise clerical procedures involved in processing purchase orders,
delivery packing slip and POD, maintenance of records, files vendors
    - Communicate with receiving clerk, supervisors, and other teams
for problem solving
    - 3PR Cost estimation and manpower calculation
    - Management outsourcing warehouse inventory (If necessary)
    - Incoming part counting/inspection/sorting (if necessary)

 Inventory Accuracy (Cycle Counting, Inventory Accuracy, Action)

    - Analysis and report root cause of daily cycle counting variance
    - Analysis and report regular/irregular physical inventory
    - PDA cycle counting and verification
    - Label inventory stocks for deliver if required
    - Monitor inventory FIFO and high rack inventory accuracy

 KPI and Reporting

    - Report inventory turnover days and amount (by weekly/monthly basis)
    - Analyze and report daily cycle counting/physical inventory result, and evaluate root causes
    - Monitoring ASN, GR, Backlog, Hot parts, and parts transfer (by daily basis)
    - Monitoring and verify daily or weekly GR verification (payment if needed)
    - Issue and create DMR,RMA log (daily basis)
    - Extra/Expedite/Cancel load frequency review (by monthly basis)
    - Optimize truck load and utilization (per shipment)
    - Comply with Customer/Department specific document (K:Drive)

 Responsible supplier list will be defined by materials manager.

 Performs special assignments as delegated.

Education / Skill / Experience Requirements:

High School diploma required. Must
be effective in oral and written communication skills, computer proficient, and detail oriented. Prior MS office and/or SAP/FCA portal experience desirable.