Sr. EV Powertrain Engineer

Mitsubishi Motors Engineering Ann Arbor, Michigan


We are Mitsubishi Motors R & D of America, Inc. (MRDA). We provide research, design input and testing for Mitsubishi brand vehicles sold in the United States. Our cars provide a unique blend of spirited performance, inspired design, and cutting edge technology. Mitsubishi vehicles are also a reflection of the creativity and diversity of our employees who are a spirited group of individuals. They look for something different, something unique, something that stands out... And they find it here at Mitsubishi Motors. We are looking for a Sr. EV Powertrain Engineer

As a Sr. EV Powertrain Engineer your primary responsibility is to develop and test conventional and xEV powertrains to achieve performance, fuel economy, drivability and emission targets.  You will prioritize projects, plan work to make most effective use of people and resources and discuss deadlines and relevant information with Manager and/or Sr. Manager. You will establish direction for others (engineers and technicians) by translating strategies into specific objectives and action plans.  You'll be responsible for analyzing/interpreting data and preparing clear and concise reports of findings upon completion of projects. 

Essential Job Functions:

  • Conduct vehicle, system, and component level testing of Engine, Transmission and/or xEV components, calibrations, and/or controls. Evaluate test results, create detailed reports of findings, analyze and correct issues.
  • Benchmark competitive vehicles, systems, and components and prepare detailed reports.
  • Facilitate the operation and the scheduling of tests (Hot/Cold, High Altitude, etc..).
  • Create and/or modify powertrain tests to meet regulations (i.e. EPA, CARB, etc.).
  • Train engineers in Engine, Transmission and/or xEV controls, test procedures, and/or calibration.
  • Train engineers and technicians how to operate tools, analyze data, and report results.
  • Work toward maintaining high quality standards and continuous improvement of the position and the organization.
  • Exercise strong communication skills when working with management, staff, stakeholder groups, industry associations, and external agencies.



  • Four-year degree in mechanical or electrical engineering or equivalent or more.
  • 5+ years of experience in Engine, Transmission and/or xEV testing or Calibration tasks.
  • Availability after-hours to provide support when necessary.


  • Experience with OBD II, Fuel Economy and Emissions tests.
  • Experience with automotive software such as INCA, Matlab/Simulink, CANalyzer, Vehicle Spy, and Vbox.
  • Experience with automotive testing equipment such as sensors/transducers, power analyzers, combustion analyzers, and DAQ devices.
  • Experience with automotive powertrain simulation such as MIL and SIL.
  1. Effective Communication:
  • Possess good written and verbal skills.
  • Communicate in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ability to negotiate complex arrangements with other groups.
  1. Flexibility, Change, and Innovation:
  • Ability to cooperate with other employees and customers.
  • Ability to work in a culturally diverse organization.
  • Work effectively and cooperatively with others on teams and task forces, particularly with the emission group for assistance with exhaust emission and fuel economy testing.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality with all vehicle specifications before the vehicle is put on the market.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and have a good driving record.
  1. Confidence and Credibility:
  • Must be reliable, independent, and self-driven.
  • Ability to follow-up and meet deadlines.
  • Plan work schedule to make the most out of the resources at MRDA to meet MMC test requirements.
  • Must be detail oriented.
  1. Conceptual, Strategic, and Analytical Thinking:
  • Must be able to make sound decisions about work priorities and multi-task.
  • Ability to be creative in problem solving and make decisions about test results; also, in adapting MMC procedures to MRDA conditions.
  • Perceptive nature, careful monitoring of working conditions.
  1. Technical Expertise:
  • Analyze and interpret data (i.e. vehicle performance, exhaust emission) and determine if there needs to be any corrective action needed.
  • Demonstrate efficiency and promptness in problem solving, especially on production vehicles.
  • Familiarity and knowledge of all powertrain components and systems, such as engine, transmission, emissions, and prototype parts.
  • Familiarity and knowledge of all test parts, engine, transmission, and hybrid control units, catalytic converters, engine assembly and some prototype parts from Japan.
  • Knowledge of data acquisition equipment used in testing
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies.
  1. Teamwork and Influencing Others:
  • Leadership and instructional aptitudes needed to provide accurate information sharing within committees and groups.
  • Ability to motivate large numbers of staff in multiple organizational units to work collaboratively toward common goals.