Group Account Director

Account Services New York, New York

Mirrorball is on the hunt for an experienced Group Account Director.  As a thought leader, you will play an integral role in strategically guiding all agency activity to support client objectives while maintaining our well respected creative aesthetic. You are a dynamic team player who brings confidence and comfort to our clients as well as inspiration and leadership to the agency’s client service team.  You will report into our VP of Client Services and Cultural Insights, working closely with her to mentor and develop our Client Services team while managing your own designated client relationships.

You’re a courageous and visionary client leader!

As a perpetual student of our clients’ industries, you possess a deep understanding of each client’s business and objectives. You are known for driving progressive approaches, concepts, and solutions that anticipate a client’s needs. You are a master at proactively identifying white space opportunities, whether it’s through investigative detective work or gut intuition backed by insights. Just as importantly, you are also able to teach this critical skill to your team.

You are always looking for ways to develop and strengthen relationships within the client organization and with agency partners. You understand the only way to be successful and grow the business is to build trust and evolve these relationships at all levels. You have a unique point of view. Clients and teammates enjoy working with you because you are positive, down to earth, efficient and always willing to go above and beyond whatever is needed. 

Your experience speaks volumes, and everyone stops to listen when you talk.  You are a great storyteller and have a unique ability to use relevant metaphors and cultural references to get across a particular point of view. As important as what you say--you are also inquisitive and curious. You have an innate ability to connect the dots when others struggle. Your clients admire and respect you because you are down to earth and because you will always have a reasonable solution to the toughest challenge. 

At Mirrorball we work hard and play hard. We are on a constant mission to understand and predict the rapid evolution of popular culture.  We love experiencing new things and sharing it with our clients and colleagues.  We invest heavily in hospitality not only to have fun but to also educate our clients on what's next--you take joy in planning that next client outing that not only entertains but also informs.

You're a respected team member & collaborator!
You understand that kindly and effectively managing up is as important as managing down. You lead by example as a hard worker who is willing to get in the trenches with the troops. You earn respect not only because of your work ethic, experience, and strengths but because you demonstrate empathy and respect for others. Your patience and understanding as an active listener insure that your clients, team members, and others are in tune with the big picture as well as every detail.

You’re a smooth operator!
You can evaluate the feasibility of complex programs or campaigns and help steer the ship towards success. You have an amazing ability to bring people together to work for a common goal. You have been around the block and know “good” from “great,” and you always strive to deliver at the highest level of creative excellence, production, and client service possible.

You’re a delegation master with magical octopus arms!
You thrive as a multi-tasker with a high degree of organization and poise. As a great team leader, you can oversee multiple projects at the same time, keeping our creative and production teams as stress-free as possible, all while maintaining a tight focus on creating an outstanding experience for our clients. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, you always remain cool, calm, and collected.

You can herd cats!
You know how to rally departments and individuals that contribute to the success of a program, and you have an amazing ability to bring people together to work for a common goal. You always strive to deliver at the highest level of creative excellence, production, and client service possible.

As a part of a creative-centric agency, you help seamlessly navigate the treacherous waters of giving the creative team plenty of latitude to create, while making sure the client’s objectives are being met AND keeping everything on time and on budget (easy, right?!). You have a deep respect for the creative process and are willing to go the extra mile to help convince a client to leave their comfort zone.  You understand the tension between creative excellence and client complacency. You will always help find the right balance to keep everyone invested and moving forward to create and execute effective and award-winning ideas.

You’re a talent building master!
You’ve had great mentors (and have learned from the not-so-great) and love being one yourself. Spotting talent and encouraging the growth of team members is part of what gets you geeked about coming to work.  Your team looks to you for inspiration and guidance, and you have the emotional intelligence to appropriately and effectively deliver praise as well as constructive criticism.

You love details, details, details!
You might be a Virgo or just super type-A, but everything from basic correspondence to epic budget sheets and reconciliations are no match for your laser-sharp attention to detail. You have experience drafting clear, accurate proposals and project scopes, and you communicate as well via email as you do verbally.

Speaking of details… here are some more DETAILS:
This role is best suited for someone who fits the above description and possesses considerable experiential marketing experience. Exceptions are happily made for the right cultural fit and passionate candidate! Extra credit given for those with quick wit and a stellar sense of humor.


You have a Bachelor’s degree and at least 10 years of marketing/advertising experience, preferably some of those years at an agency working with Fortune 500 brands.

Does this description give you goose bumps because it describes everything you are and feel and want?? If so, apply ASAP, we can’t wait to meet you!


Mirrorball is an NYC-based Experience Design agency. We strive to enhance the way brands, retailers, attractions, institutions and hospitality businesses participate in our lives. Our family of strategists, creatives, writers and producers share a sacred bond, rooted in our passion for contributing to and impacting popular culture.

As participants ourselves, we naturally approach our work with an immutable advocacy for the people our clients look to serve. We aspire to create cultural relevance with everything we touch without ever becoming invasive or contrived.

Utilizing a proprietary framework of science, psychology, and art, our concepts are baked with deep narratives that evoke intense emotions intended to result in long-lasting, positive memories. It is these powerful memories that help people live more fulfilled lives.

We are most passionate about Experience Design in all of its forms from IRL to digital. We also love brand strategy, design and architecture, and product innovation. Whatever the assignment may be, our work is intended to move people at their core.

For over 14 years world-class brands and companies including Perrier, Dos Equis, General Electric, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, L’Oreal, and Harley-Davidson have put their confidence into Mirrorball to create new opportunities to deeply connect with the people their businesses touch.


To design experiences that move people emotionally, provide powerful and positive long-lasting memories and to leverage these experiences to impact and influence the evolving culture of which we are active participants.


Seek Inspiration, Learn & Share

We encourage everyone to get out there and experience everything!  We are sponges that are on a constant mission to explore and discover what’s next. We want you to be inspired, but most importantly we want you to inspire each other, mentor each other and share your knowledge with those around you.

Feed Your Personal Passion

Mirrorball is the place to let your freak flag fly! We feed our personal passions and infuse them into everything we do.  We will also celebrate each other’s passions as we fuel our collective energy so that it remains contagious.

Be Courageous Innovators

We are brave innovators, originators and mavericks. We push boundaries, go further, and create the most unexpected original ideas and concepts in the industry.

Promote Teamwork & Positive Attitude

We show up with a positive attitude ready to work and support each other. Together we conquer whatever challenges are put in front of us. Everything we achieve will be a result of our collective energy and participation.

Show Kindness & Empathy

We demonstrate kindness and empathy for each other, our partners, our clients, our office pets(!!) and the people whose lives we hope to impact with our creativity.

Be Thoughtful and Concise

We work with precision. We are thoughtful, concise and transparent with direction and deliverables.  We move together, united with consistency and at a steady pace to ensure new people and projects come aboard with ease and nothing is ever left behind.

Be Awesome, Be Accountable

We have the utmost integrity and honesty for everything we do and touch. We will set goals and hold ourselves accountable to each other, our partners and the clients we serve. And we shall hold them to our same standard.

Mirrorball is proud to be an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), national origin, citizenship, disability, protected veteran status, or any other protected class.

Principals only – no recruiters please.  No telephone calls about this job will be accepted.  Please do not contact Mirrorball about other services or products.