I&E Technician

Maintenance Geismar, Louisiana


Position Summary

To perform monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs on plant instrumentation, electrical and control (I/E/C) equipment at the Methanex Geismar facility according to applicable standards. 

Position Responsibilities

• Performs routine preventative maintenance on plant I/E/C equipment based on a job plan identifying any abnormalities.
• Uses systematic techniques to troubleshoot plant issues, identify root causes and recommend a suitable solution.
• Performs corrective maintenance on failed I/E/C equipment.
• Monitors I/E/C equipment and makes recommendations for optimization.
• Supports the routine planning feedback as needed and performs coordination and execution of work.
• Prepares job safety analysis (JSA/JHA) documents, identifying risk, mitigation controls and recovery measures.
• Reviews job plans, verifying suitability, plant conditions are correct and material is available.
• Leads work on the plant as a performing authority according to Methanex’s Work Safety Control System (WSCS).
• Updates logs, completes QA/QC documentation and reports, closing out work orders in a timely manner.
• Supports in the continued revision of parts and equipment documentation, implementing change where appropriate.
• Seeks more efficient ways to design, plan and execute work.
• Ensures all plant maintenance is implemented in accordance with Methanex standards, best practices and all relevant USA legislation.
• Adapts to changing priorities quickly.
• Ensures availability for call-out.
• Supports the Reliability Team with resolving plant issues.
• Recognizes the Operations Team as a key stakeholder and customer in executing duties.
• Constructs, test and commission new I/E/C equipment originating from new projects using issued for construction drawings and plans.
• Supports colleagues in developing new project designs and execution plans, ensuring that flaws and maintainability challenges are engineered out through continuous feedback.
• Manages, designs, plans and executes simple, low-risk projects.
• Ensures all plant changes are implemented in accordance with the applicable Methanex Management of Change procedures.
• Ensures work is performed efficiently and cost effectively.
• Actively seeks out continuous improvement opportunities that enhances HSSEQ, productivity, reliability and cost efficiency.
• Communicates, collaborates and supports colleagues locally and globally to achieve the goals of the department, site and organization.
• Identifies key stakeholders, seeks their input and keeps them informed.
• Shares knowledge and experience, coaching and mentoring colleagues.
• Identifies training requirements for self and team.
• Positively contributes to team engagement and morale.
• Motivates team to excel.
• Contributes to the organizational vision of Global Methanol Leadership and as a team member demonstrates the core values of integrity, trust, respect and professionalism.
• Conducts all business in a manner which supports the Responsible Care® ethic.
• Networks with other Methanex sites to the mutual benefit of all sites.
• Contributes to the ‘operational excellence’ for Methanex USA as an effective member of the Maintenance Department. 

Position Qualifications

• High school diploma or equivalent required.
• Instrument/Electrical trade certification or NCCER certification or related Associate’s degree required.
• 4-6 years of experience in instrument, electrical or control systems for a manufacturing facility.
• Experience with predictive and preventative maintenance programs.
• Experience with electrical distribution and substation maintenance.
• Experience with instrument calibration programs.
• Experience with continuous emission systems and process analyzers.
• Experience with DCS, ESD and PLC systems.
• Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Office and asset management system software.