Senior Process Engineer

Engineering & Technical Geismar, Louisiana



Provides effective and efficient process and utilities engineering services to Methanex USA to achieve daily operational excellence, drive down unit cost of production, improve production capability, and minimize risk of harm to people, the environment and lost production.


  • Provides effective troubleshooting and analysis of plant conditions to achieve Operational Excellence in plant operation, reliability, safety, productivity and efficiency.
  • Identifies, evaluates and executes continuous improvement opportunities to drive down unit cost of production, improve production capability and minimize overall risk of harm to people and the environment.
  • Supports the Plant Engineering team on the implementation of the Management of Change (MOC) process on the Geismar site, ensuring all requirements of the change management process are met particularly as it impacts P&IDs, datasheets and design basis information.
  • Supports the Engineering and Projects team during the development and detailed engineering, continuing through plant commissioning and start-up for the site Capital project portfolio.
  • Issues technical memorandums and reports based on equipment performance which leads to Capital Project development or Management of Change processes to identify bottlenecks, potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement.
  • Develops and tracks short and long term process KPIs through monitoring of:
  1. Equipment such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, reactors and
  2. Instrumentation such as flow orifices, control valves, relief valves, etc.
  3. Overall process efficiency, carbon emissions and effluent flowrates
  • Ensures compliance with the requirements of PSM to minimize overall risk of harm to people, the environment and loss prevention. 
  • Participates in Process Hazard Analyses and risk reviews throughout the Management of Change process.
  • Helps identify and ensure adherence with safe design limits and operating limits of the plant equipment.
  • Improves the safety in design performance of Methanex Geismar through application of learnings from incidents at other sites.
  • Provides technical input and recommendations to support Operations and Finance in relation to gas utilization planning to ensure Methanex meets the gas nomination commitments.
  • Supports the Process Engineering Lead on the preparation of the production accounting to Finance.
  • Provides input into inventory management and planning of utility consumption for start-ups and shutdowns.
  • Aids the Process Control team in optimizing loop performance and ensuring controllers function as designed or modifying them to achieve more efficient operation.
  • Provides process monitoring and engineering input into process parameter adjustments and troubleshooting operational problems.
  • Analyzes utility consumption and quality of fluids entering the site for process and utility use including water treatment.
  • Develops, reviews and updates operating procedures for continuous improvement to optimize start-up and shutdown durations.
  • Supports the development of isolation and clearing plans for plant outages, as well as contractor oversight as necessary.
  • Supports the culture and initiatives of reliability within the Technical team and provides necessary support to maintenance reliability focus.
  • Assists with development and mentoring of other engineers.
  • Provides active process troubleshooting and monitoring during planned outages and plant upsets, including but not exclusive to Start-Ups, Shutdowns and Turnaround activities.
  • Contributes to the organizational vision of Global Methanol Leadership and as a team member demonstrates the core values of integrity, trust, respect and professionalism.
  • Undertakes all aspects of the role through living the Methanex values.
  • Conducts all business in a manner which supports the Responsible Care® ethic.
  • Networks with other Methanex sites to the mutual benefit of all sites.
  • Responsible for ensuring awareness of all controlled documents relating to this position as per Document Awareness Report from Document Management Database.
  • Contribute to the ‘operational excellence’ for Methanex USA as an effective member of the Technical Department.


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering required; Chemical Engineering preferred.
  • Preferred candidates will have a minimum of 10+ years of experience in Process / Utilities Engineering encompassing aspects such as troubleshooting, monitoring, conceptual design and equipment sizing and selection.
  • Extensive operational and plant related experience working in downstream natural gas or chemical processing environment. Syngas production experience considered an asset.
  • Proven experience with technical activities associated with catalyst changeouts, optimization and improvements.
  • Proven experience with development of capital projects, feasibility studies and engineering design.
  • Ability to utilize Aspen HYSYS, EDR and other process modeling software including dynamic modelling.
  • Competent user of standard computing packages (e.g. Microsoft Office).
  • Familiarity with API, ASME and ANSI standards.