Planning & Scheduling Lead

Maintenance Geismar, Louisiana


Position Summary

Provides leadership and support of all dimensions of the Maintenance Department’s planning and scheduling group with the development and use of Methanex’s USA Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Works to improve productivity and efficiency of Maintenance resources and plant assets by eliminating potential delays and reducing downtime of plant and equipment through effective planning and scheduling practices. 

Position Responsibilities

•Evaluates and ensures that accurate plans are developed for the execution of non-urgent maintenance work including preventative maintenance, corrective work, condition monitoring work and major maintenance activities for maintenance crafts.
• Monitors and determines the appropriate level of planning required for non-urgent work and ensures that effective plans are developed including identification of resources; spare parts, materials, documentation, statutory requirements and other special requirements that are identified.
• Monitors and supports the development of the detailed planning work package process to ensure these processes are effective and translate into productive work efforts.
• Identify and manage the coordination of external resource requirements when needed. Provide recommendations for peak performance of these resources.
• Monitors demand/orders for all known stock and non-stock items and reflects delivery throughout the planning process.
• Ensures the development of all documentation and communication requirements such as attachment certificates for permits and requirements for any notifiable work. Ensures documentation is utilized correctly.
• Assists crafts and associated supervision, by providing support in the coordination of additional resources, materials and parts if the scope changes during the execution of work.
• Completes review of planned versus actuals for standard work plans to gauge the accuracy of estimations and identify actions for continuous improvement.
• Assists supervisors and project managers during the execution of major maintenance, coordinating any additional requirements and updating plans accordingly to reflect changes in scope as required.
• Ensures that accurate contingency plans are developed to allow for efficient mobilization of resources to execute work and reduce plant risk during times of planned and unplanned plant shutdowns without extending the duration of downtime.
• Ensures planning and estimates for projects are conducted in accordance with procedures and meet the requirements for execution.
• Coordinates efforts with the Turnaround organization, as necessary.
• Develops reporting systems/controls that monitor and indicate planning effectiveness and record compliance with maintenance plans. Responsible for producing and reporting on relevant KPIs.
• Produces both routine and exception reports covering maintenance planning issues.
• Troubleshoots scheduling and planning issues to Maintenance Management. Work with affected parties to resolve.
• Facilitates backlog review meetings to ensure correct planning priorities are in line with operational needs.
• Mentors Planners to ensure that planning & scheduling procedures, processes and CMMS are being utilized properly and to its full potential.
• Oversees planning and scheduling activities and sets day-to-day direction for employees to support Methanex’s business objectives.
• Oversees the asset management control process for the Geismar site equipment inventory.
• Monitors and assists with updating BOM’s and task list in the CMMS database with changes identified by system users or as a result of plant modifications.
• Reviews the CMMS database to ensure that it is complete and accurate. Updates where necessary.
• Ensures links between the CMMS and other external systems are maintained and functioning properly.
• Acts as a resource in CMMS functionality and identifies opportunities for the Maintenance Department to maximize and extend its use for maintenance efficiency.
• Assists with the operation of day-to-day maintenance work control and management systems.
• Monitors and oversees the development of detailed work schedules in Scheduling Software (Akwire, P6 or other) for significant maintenance tasks or projects. Ensure communication between Planners, schedulers, Maintenance Supervisors, Craftsmen, Storeroom personnel and Operations Coordinators are taking place.
• Monitors SPI for schedule efficiency. Discusses with the supervisor possible efficiency improvements and implements these improvements.
• Contributes to the organizational vision of Global Methanol Leadership and as a team member. Demonstrates the core values of integrity, trust, respect and professionalism.
• Conducts all business in a manner which supports the Responsible Care® ethic.
• Other duties as assigned by the supervisor and/or manager.
• Modifies existing planning and scheduling processes and procedures to create a standard methodology to be used at the Geismar site.
• Establishes and demonstrates behaviors that deliver excellence in safety, quality and service.
• Networks with other Methanex sites to the mutual benefit of all sites.
• Responsible for ensuring awareness of all controlled documents relating to this position as per Document Awareness Report from the Document Management Database.
• Participates in local and global teams to execute specific projects, or to foster and develop the corporate use of CMMS.
• Contributes to the ‘operational excellence’ for Methanex USA as an effective member of the Maintenance Department.
• Promotes a high degree of morale and spirit of motivation within the office. This includes the degree of cooperation, communication and coordination between this function and other employees. 

Position Qualifications

• High School Diploma or equivalent required.
• Bachelor of Science Degree in a related discipline preferred.
• 10+ years experience in a planning role in a chemical manufacturing environment.
• 5+ years experience in a scheduling role in a chemical manufacturing environment preferred.
• 5 years experience in a leadership role preferred.
• Have in-depth knowledge of planning and scheduling methodology.
• Experience working in an industrial maintenance environment.
• Able to effectively communicate with a wide cross-section of people.
• High level of knowledge of maintenance job planning and scheduling techniques.
• Expert user of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio).
• Experienced user of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. Development and configuration experience would be an advantage. Previous Maximo use would be an advantage.
• Familiarity with work scheduling software such as Microsoft Project, Akwire or Primavera.
• Familiarity with “Business Intelligence” tools and reporting systems.
• Experienced with industrial maintenance practices and systems.