Consultant - Economic Recovery Assessment and Programme Outline - Bahamas

Programming Abaco, Bahamas


Project Location: Abaco, The Bahamas


Mercy Corps has been responding to the effects of Hurricane Dorian on Grand Bahama since early September 2019. As part of that response it has established a small business recovery programme with partners including the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

As Abaco begins to move into a recovery phase, the time is now ripe to consider extending the small business support programme over to the island of Abaco. However, the situation on Abaco differs in many aspects from that on Grand Bahama and so a different programme will have to be established to deliver the same outcome of sustainable businesses and employment opportunities.

Purpose / Project Description:

This consultancy is to determine what the business needs on Abaco are and if/how Mercy Corps might address them.

To ensure that Mercy Corps meets the actual needs of businesses on Abaco, it needs to engage with actors and stakeholders, businesses, business organizations (Chamber of Commerce and Rotary for example) plus government and NGOs etc. to determine the scale of the need and how those needs can be met. This consultancy is designed to help Mercy Corps assess the situation, explore partnerships and plan the potential program.

Consultant Objectives:

  • Establish and where possible quantify the willingness of businesses to re-establish post Hurricane Dorian
  • Determine what efforts are being planned by others to support businesses
  • Determine how best Mercy Corps can support those businesses to reestablish and provides employment opportunities.
  • Assess the potential for Micro-Mentor to improve sustainability of Abaco-based businesses.

Consultant Activities:

The Consultant will:

  • Conduct a search of available/published information from actors working in or supporting Abaco’s recovery
  • Identify key actors active, potentially active or influential in the business support area in and for Abaco (These are likely to include, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, SBDC, NEMA, relevant Ministries, CORE, Red Cross amongst others.)
  • Discuss with the key stakeholders and actors business reestablishment needs and timelines for when those needs can/should be met.
  • Develop an analysis of those needs and from that determine how Mercy Corps might support business reestablishment and stimulate employment
  • Develop the outline of a programme to deliver on the analysis above.

This process will require the consultant to travel to Abaco.

Consultant Deliverables:

The Consultant will provide a written report that will contain:

  • Description of the business situation in Abaco
  • Main points gleaned from interviews and discussions
  • Subsidiary points from the above
  • Analysis of information of business issues
  • Options for programme to support business reestablishment
  • Analysis of those options and determination of best approach for Mercy Corps

Additional detail should be that should be included in the report and the analysis would be:

  • Scale of support required by businesses
  • Timing of the support
  • Differentiation between business sectors or locations on the island of Abaco.
  • Process to be adopted and potential partners to work with or through.

Annex will include lists, including full contact details of those met and who contributed to the report and the thinking/analysis within it.

Timeframe / Schedule: 

This process should be completed in February.

The Consultant will report to:

Mercy Corps Country Director – The Bahamas

The Consultant will work closely with:

Mercy Corps staff in the Bahamas and potentially key technical and desk staff globally.

Partner Economic Recovery staff on Grand Bahama

Staff of potential donors.

Required Experience & Skills:

  • 5 years’ experience in Business Support
  • Knowledge of the aid/humanitarian sector
  • Demonstrable understanding of business recovery processes, needs and opportunities
  • Previous with interviewing and analysis of quantitative and qualitive data
  • Proven ability to write and deliver reports in English
  • 5 years’ experience in developing programmes for the aid sector desirable
  • Experience of Mercy Corps’ approach to sustainable business development is desirable