Accessibility Engineer - Siri TTS

Localization - Engineering San Jose, California United States


Position at MidTech

Job Summary
Play a part in design and development of new possibilities for human-machine interaction tailored to accessibility users. Contribute in developing groundbreaking technology in large-scale text-to-speech systems while pushing the limits of text-to-speech systems to promote accessibility to all users with a great experience. And work with the people who created the intelligent assistant that helps millions of people get things done — just by asking. Join the Siri Speech team at Apple.

Key Qualifications
  • Dependent user of assistive technology including screen readers on mobile and desktop
  • Experience using Text-to-Speech systems and intimate user of VoiceOver on iPhone and Mac
  • Ability to write accessibility requirements for new features and applications optimized for a wide range of disabilities
  • Experience in Quality Assurance and Testing for Accessibility support for new features and applications
  • Ability to identify accessibility problems and provide solutions
  • Ability to implement testing and synthesis experiments using scripting languages (Python, bash)
  • 5 years' relevant experience

The Siri Text-to-Speech team is looking for Accessibility Engineers to take part in building the voice of Siri for Accessibility users. You will help in developing and fine-tune machine learning models used in TTS models for Siri voices in order to create new experiences for accessibility users. You will also be responsible for creating and running evaluations to identify the strengths and shortcoming of the new features and designs and provide solutions to overcome the issues. You can implement your ideas directly in our TTS engine and tools, and hundreds of millions of accessibility users will experience your contributions through more natural and expressive Siri voices.

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field