Corporate Training and Leadership Development

At our core, Medicus fosters a culture of continuous improvement. We believe that professional development and learning is something that you should experience throughout your career and that it truly never stops. As a result, our employees understand that getting better each day indicates positive progress and positive progress makes a difference in their lives. The key to our success is being aligned and collaborative with our employees and their respective leaders. We then deliver learning that is scalable and designed to solve the challenge that each employee is faced with.

Leadership and Development Programming

We have a well-rounded training team with years of experience.

  • Med School

  • The Sales Institute

  • Level Up Program

  • Passing the Boards

  • Leader|Shift

  • Med U

Med School

  • A warm welcome for new hires, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of Medicus and the industry in this five-day, interactive, classroom-style training.

Medicus Sales Institute

  • Our comprehensive training program for new recruiters – where you’ll learn the fundamentals of the role so that you can hit the ground running when you head to the sales floor
    • Sales Residency: a series of block trainings for our Account Executives that take place over the course of 12 months – where each block adds on to the prior block and gives you the tools needed to build a success book of business

Level Up

  • An exclusive program for our high performing salespeople and recruiters, designed to help you increase your productivity.

Passing the Boards

  • This training is designed for Medicus’ future leaders to measure their readiness and willingness to assume a leadership role at Medicus.


  • Up your leadership game by experiencing a powerful blend of 1:1 executive coaching, assessment, case studies, and discussion-based workshops.

Medicus University

  • A multifaced approach to professional development designed to help Medicus employees develop into effective leaders, strategic thinkers, and decision makers.