Corporate Training and Leadership Development

The Medicus Learning & Development team seeks to be recognized as the industry leader in training and developing talent. The key to our success is being aligned and collaborative with our employees and their respective leaders. We then deliver learning that is scalable and flexible to solve the challenges each employee is faced with.

At our core, we foster a culture of continuous improvement. As a result, our employees understand that getting better each day indicates positive progress. And positive progress makes a positive difference in their lives.

Leadership and Development Programming

We have a well-rounded training team with years of experience.

  • Med School

  • The Sales Institute

  • Level Up Program

  • Passing the Boards

  • Leader|Shift

  • Med U

Med School

  • An induction for new hires, Medicus Med School is a five-day, classroom-style training session that occurs biweekly or monthly, as needed.

Medicus Sales Institute

  • The Sales Institute is a comprehensive training program that will prepare new recruiters to join a practice knowing the fundamentals of the role and the skills needed to be successful. Recruiters in The Sales Institute will learn the consistent work processes & approaches when recruiting physicians to become a successful recruiter. (Program lasts approximately 3-4 months)
    • Sales Residency: Business Development Executives will experience a 12-month training program that will take them through all aspects of the Medicus sales cycle. In Block 1, the employee will learn Medicus Differentiators and Value Proposition, will being making sense of the industry, their market and the decision makers to target. Sales people will learn to ask pointed, direct questions to the appropriate people in a healthcare facility to understand potential needs. Block 2 takes sales executives through the Challenger sales approach, as well as how to overcome more complex objections, how to manage submittals and tailoring your pitch. Blocks 3, 4 & 5 discuss the complexity of cross selling, working with National Sales, pipeline management, handling escalations, selling all service lines at Medicus, and forecasting. All sales people will learn how to use SAM and Salesforce as applicable.

Level Up

  • Program which invests in current high performers (in sales or recruiting in their first 3-9 months) to ensure increased productivity and improved employee retention.

Passing the Boards

  • This program requires emerging leaders to take a written assessment and participate in several internal “interviews” with leaders across the organization to measure their readiness and willingness to assume a leadership role at Medicus.


  • This program offers the chance to up your leadership game by experiencing a powerful 11-month blend of 1:1 executive coaching, assessment, case studies, and discussion-based workshops.

Medicus University

  • This intensive professional development program is designed to help Medicus employees develop into effective leaders, strategic thinkers, and decision makers. Medicus University takes a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to employee development that includes:
    • Professional skill assessment and training
    • Exposure to the theoretical foundations of effective leadership and strategic thinking
    • Leadership Intelligence 360-degree performance appraisal
    • Individual development planning
    • One-on-one leadership coaching