MediaCom MENA | Media Planner


The Media Planner assists the Planning Manager/Director to produce a cohesive media strategy and plan based on the client brief that includes communications goals and brings together different disciplines for integration across multiple media channels

Business Accountabilities

  • To liaise, communicate and collaborate with the various internal teams to ensure that the client deliverable are met on time and bring any potential shortfalls to the immediate attention of the Business Director
  • To assist the Planning Manager/Director in developing and implementing creative media solutions, provide suggestions and feedback wherever appropriate and demonstrate creative thinking based on consumer & business information at all times
  • To assist the Planning Manager/Director to collate, prepare and present regular client strategies and maintain regular client contact to ensure the client marketing teams are kept updated via project progress reports, competitive analyses, consumer insights, and other research, market or media developments which might impact the client’s marketing efforts and recommend remedial strategies where applicable.
  • To assist the Planning Manager/Director prepare an appropriate and detailed media plan and manage final budget allocation by mix and medium, informed by any research or insight, brand and category dynamics, taking into account the channel contact plan and brief
  • To attend and document meetings and build effective relationships with outside creative advertising agencies and client marketing teams to clarify media goals, objectives and strategies and brief all internal teams as necessary
General Accountabilities

  • To constantly monitor the role functionality; to maintain accurate, up-to-date records and submit regular monthly reports to agreed standards as required to ensure the remit’s effectiveness is maximised and its activities are in line with overall MediaCom MENA business strategy.
  • To constantly look for ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the role;  to suggest and implement improvements to internal procedures and controls to improve efficiency, reduce costs and to promote and protect the business interests of MediaCom MENA wherever possible
  • To carry out duties as tasked, ensuring that MediaCom MENA service standards, objectives, internal policies & procedures and code of conduct are met or exceeded at all times