Digital Associate Director


Job Title: Digital Associate Director

Reporting To: Global Digital Director

Department: Worldwide

Group/Level: 3

Location: London, with travel (as required by the job)

Opening Date for Applications: 01st April

Closing Date for Applications: 29th April

Salary: Competitive

The Role

Shell has undergone significant digital transformation in media since 2013 where we have seen digital investment increase from 10% to nearly 50% in 4 years. We now have a digital vision, a tech stack and set of tools to continue this step change in 2019.

We are now looking for someone that will take Shell to the next stage of their transformation. This will include helping to build and deliver our data strategy, evolving our use of tech to extract more value from Shell’s DMP and 1st party tools, working with markets on testing and piloting new ideas and analysing data from our dashboard tool to improve the effectiveness of our digital spend in constantly improving the perception of Shell.

A key element of the transformation has been the centralisation of key digital functions, including paid social and programmatic. This is currently something that we are evaluating and we’re looking to continually review the model to ensure Shell get the best possible digital product.

We have developed strong relationships with global partners including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These allow us access to pioneering technology and managing these relationships are a key part of the role.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • A strong view of how digital media will develop in the coming years
  • Experience of working with a range of technologies (Ad server, verification tools, DSPs, DMPs) and understands the latest technological changes
  • Strong analytical skills and enjoys getting insights from data
  • Credibility and good communication skills when dealing with markets and internal stakeholders

The ideal candidate can show Shell how they can connect their products to their audiences using digital data and tools.

Shell are one of MediaCom’s most progressive clients, they are brave and willing to experiment with new ideas and we must continue to feed their appetite for innovation in the digital arena.

Key Responsibilities:

Client satisfaction

  • Ensure the client is highly satisfied with the digital delivery of MediaCom and that MediaCom is consistently one step ahead of the opportunities arising from the ever-changing digital media landscape.

Continue to drive change, deliver thought leadership

  • The Digital AD must help Shell stay ahead of their competition by introducing the latest digital opportunities that will enable them to connect more powerfully with their consumers.
  • They will be expected to continue to drive change and improvements in our digital offering by introducing the latest technology and opportunities to deliver stronger results.

Evolve the central digital strategy

  • Ensure there is a clear and well supported central digital, data and testing strategy for Shell overall and for each of the brands within the portfolio. This will involve a collaborative process with the client and other agency partners as well as MediaCom internal teams and local markets.
  • Show how to use data to help Shell understand their audiences better and develop insights that informs planning and execution.

Develop digital accountability

  • Constantly striving to prove the effectiveness of digital media
  • Being critical and curious in assessing campaign performance in how it is driving Shell’s brand health

Campaign excellence

  • A large proportion of Shell’s global digital investment is executed centrally so the successful candidate will play an active role in guiding execution teams towards smarter planning, targeting and optimisation
  • Being a key figure in helping the client understand why a campaign is performing well or otherwise

Inspire and lead the digital team

  • Take responsibility for developing and managing the digital team. Ensure all the digital specialists are engaged in their work and are motivated to add value.

Skills and experience

  1. Highly numerate and proven analytical skills, uncovering trends and insights that improve our digital planning
  2. Demonstrate how to integrate different teams to deliver against a wide range of goals.
  3. Flexible style
  4. Driven to deliver best practice and business performance
  5. Exceptional man manager
  6. To be able to hold high level discussions with senior clients
  7. Experience in major global media network on driving digital media across countries and regions
  8. Experience of working within digital media teams, improving ways of working, understanding challenges of local digital media teams
  9. Understanding and driving the strategic integration of digital into the overall communication mix (Role of Search/Search Strategy, Video Neutral Planning (combining TV and iVideo reach), Consumer Engagement (Content Marketing, Content Distribution), drive to store (Location, Mobile, CRM)
  10. Experience in measurement and evaluation, from real-time measurement to brand studies and Marketing Mix Modelling