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Mediacom WW

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Global Senior Planner

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Mars Pet Nutrition Europe

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Global Account Manager






Hello. We are MediaCom.  


We believe in People First, Better Results. 


MediaCom unleashes brands’ growth by helping them See the Bigger Picture. This means that we apply our unique ‘Systems Thinking’ philosophy and technology to all marketing levers: media, message and data. As a result, we design communication strategies that deliver short term results and help brands build for the future.  


As part of WPP, the world's largest marketing communications services group, and GroupM, WPP’s consolidated media investment management arm, we have access to the richest data, most robust benchmarks and most advanced capabilities in the market. This helps us provide comprehensive solutions to all marketing challenges. 


Our success is underpinned by our long-standing ‘People First, Better Results’ belief. We know that by investing in our people’s whole-person wellbeing, careers and capabilities, we will help grow our clients’ businesses. 


In 2021 this approach led MediaCom to be crowned Global Media Network of the Year by Adweek and Festival of Media Global, in addition to being Eurobest’s current Media Network of the Year and the most awarded agency at the WARC Media Awards. 


MediaCom is one of the world’s leading media communications specialists, with billings of US$17.6 billion (Source: COMvergence, 2020), employing 8,000 people in 125 offices across 100 countries. Its global client roster includes adidas, Coca-Cola (TCCC), Dell, Hasbro, Mars, NBC Universal, P&G, Richemont, Shell, Sony, Uber and Walgreens Boots Alliance. 


To find out more about MediaCom visit us here:




About Mars


Having been appointed in 2018 as their sole planning/buying agency, MARS are MediaCom’s biggest client Globally, with a total ad spend of just over $1Bn across 3 core segments: Confectionary, Pet, Food.

Our brief in 2018 was to help them drive transformation across marketing and media.


Marketing transformation for MARS means sustainable growth by ensuring every brand interaction creates shared value for the people, pets and partners they serve, ensure their brands​:


  • Thinking is founded in data-driven human insight​
  • Make content and media choices to be culturally famous and meaningfully personal​
  • Are purpose driven

Media transformation for MARS means growing media contribution to sales by:


  • Accelerating transformation to an intelligent reach model​
    • Reinventing Reach​
    • Connecting at meaningfully personal moments​
    • Proven growth through integrated brand experiences (brand through to D-Commerce)​
  • Establishing actionable 1PD framework​
  • Deploying agile content model​
  • Driving performance through the funnel
  • Continued pressure on reach-based media pricing to drive efficiency or re-deploy

This purpose of this role is to join a centralised worldwide team who run Royal Canin (MARS biggest brand globally) and Pet Nutrition Europe (comprising on brands like Pedigree/Whiskas, Sheba, Dreamies)





Role Description Global Senior Planner


This role is to work on Mars Nutrition Europe on a Central Deployment Team (CDT) for 8+ Mars Petcare brands across 4 markets (UK/FR/DE/PL).


CDT team’s main role is to work with MediaCom European Brand Leads who define the strategy for the brands, craft this into an appropriate media plan for each of our markets and deliver that brief to the local investment teams for deployment, supporting them in seeing that through to successful execution.


This is a key client facing position that requires strong relationships and communication skills as well as excellent organizational approach to infrastructure and managing a team with direct reports and also cross functional teams that work together in harmony.


We are looking for a communications planner who has experience across all media channels, particularly TV/Online Video which is a key growth driver for the Mars business along with strong digital focus.


As the Senior Planner, you will be working with the team managing and implementing digital transformation agenda, ensuring MARS are getting the most value out of their digital business partnerships.


We also expect the candidate to have coms planning experience and strategic thinking capability: the candidate should be motivated by creating smart and forward thinking connected digital communications plans to help solve problems.


Success will require the ability to toggle between seeing the bigger picture – for strategy and guidelines development – and the forensic detail of multiple market campaign management.


The Senior Planner will work with the team to ensure that global strategic guidelines are appropriately applied in local plans, while ensuring local nuances are reflected across plans.


The Senior Planner will have direct client contact and is responsible for working coordination with other Sr. Planners & team Exec. The Senior Planners report into the Global Manager and work closely with SPOC on the planning processes from brief to execution to reporting with local buying teams for the clients in each market.




Key Tasks

Client Management


  • Participate in calls and meetings with clients to understand their business, and discuss performance and future strategies
  • Support the creation of rationale for a media plan, any optimisation decisions and their outcomes
  • Support in delivery of post-campaign analysis and insights
  • Deliver reconciliation information regarding media delivery



Media Planning


  • Review brief and strategic guidance from the client and with the AD and Manager translate it into an implementational media plan
  • Work with AD/Manager to research audience, media touchpoints and source of growth opportunities
  • Interrogate historic performance data (where available) to determine or optimise the existing opportunity and key variables which might improve the effectiveness of our media plan.
  • Create media plans via planning templates and manage booking sign off
  • Ensure media plans contain direct links to KPIs detailed in the media strategy, with a “test and learn” strategy in place
  • Monitor performance of live campaigns to identify key wins/challenges
  • Carry out research on competitive analysis, audience profiling and market trends and key audience touchpoints
  • Access key 1st/3rd party data to maximise insight and targeting strategy
  • Work with local media specialists to create media plan which contains core KPIs linked to business objectives, with a “test and learn” strategy in place
  • Meet regularly with (offline and online) publishers and digital partners to discuss the brief and generate relevant and innovative ideas, understand available tactics, e.g. use of data, technology, creative and trading techniques to drive volume and efficiency
  • Understand and apply key tech stack solutions to delivery maximum ROI and sales uplift
  • Provide media specialists in market with their brief – budget, audience, phasing, targets and any other relevant information to support their detailed in-channel planning
  • Manage output from media specialists – planning; reporting; insight/analysis
  • Manage reconciliations of delivery across the plan from each media owner/media specialist





  • Manage operational execution in appropriate systems e.g. ad server, brand safety
  • Support in aggregation of output from media specialists – planning; reporting; insight/analysis
  • Supply reconciliations of delivery across the plan from each media owner/media specialist which the Planners directly booked




Reporting & Optimisation


  • Work with the buying teams, and Media Executive to interpret performance data and decide on optimisation opportunities
  • Generate key charts/slides which demonstrate performance, test learnings and next steps
  • Ensure strong commentary that gives insight and action (not just saying what the result/trend is)
  • Deliver regular reconciliation reports where appropriate

Team Management


  • Work with and develop the Exec, making sure they understand the targets, media solutions and analysis techniques required to maximise effectiveness of our plans, and we are providing strong media delivery and financial reconciliation
  • Manage the media specialists to ensure they are correctly briefed and supported in their scope of work
  • Work with Finance team to reconcile and deliver efficient PO to invoicing process





Comms & Strategic Planning London, England Permanent (Full Time)