Editor - Real Time News - Charlotte

Editorial Charlotte, NC


The editor leads a team of reporters who find and write lightning-quick stories on the news that is driving the conversation online – or will be driving it a few minutes from now. 

The editor knows real-time and reporting equally well, and is expert in how to combine the two for great stories with great reach. The editor is also an excellent communicator and adept as working as part of a team.

Experience with sports and/or political reporting or editing is a plus.

Responsibilities include:

  • Using CrowdTangle and other tools to identify stories that people will be talking about
  • Developing strong story angles quickly with reporters, so that they are not simply duplicating what’s been published elsewhere, but are finding something new and interesting that will pop and become our own story
  • Tracking local SEO trends to find and optimize real-time stories and all SEO elements in them (meta title, keywords, summary)
  • Following trending stories published by the team to see what people are saying about them on social media and seeking follow-up possibilities
  • Mining analytics in real-time with Chartbeat or similar tools, and daily and weekly with Adobe Analytics and other tools for audience data that offer insights into each reporter’s stories and the team’s trends
  • Ensuring reporters understand best practices for aggregation, sourcing and attribution so that stories accurately represent the material’s origins
  • Jumping on breaking news so that the team is routinely publishing in one minute as soon as information is confirmed, with one or two sentences and then iterating every few minutes until news quiets or the story is handed off to another reporter
  • Coordinating with the local newsroom during breaking news events so all appropriate people know after an initial story has been published, and are ready to feed information and/or take a handoff

The most compelling candidates will have: 

  • The ability to edit and write quickly, accurately and well;
  • Solid news judgment and excellent journalism ethics;
  • An intuitive sense of what’s important and interesting;
  • A good grasp of what drives interest on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms;
  • Ability to optimize stories to capitalize on search trends;
  • A strong entrepreneurial spirit, deep curiosity and extremely high energy;
  • A collaborative style that works comfortably across teams spread throughout the office and company.

Education:  College degree preferred.

Experience: Professional journalism experience, including experience leading newsroom reporting teams

Skills Needed: Demonstrated strong news judgment; excellent writing and editing skills; facility with social media and SEO; quick study of CMSes and storytelling tools.

Personal Attributes:  Creativity, flexibility, and online smarts. The ability to monitor a vast amount of information for a wide audience, matched with discerning judgment about what to pursue. The ability to execute both quickly and well. The ability to communicate and work remotely.