Business Reporter

News Wichita, KS


The Wichita Eagle is looking for an enterprising and versatile reporter to cover Wichita’s business community and economic development. 

This reporter will focus on Wichita’s major employers, along with development efforts targeted to grow our economy and our non-residential tax base. This person will generally report on the large business segments in Wichita, such as aviation, health care and finance, as well as the other major employers, such as Koch and Cargill. Additionally, the reporter will delve into what Wichita is doing, or can do, to grow in the post-covid world.

This reporter will provide deeply reported stories focused on topics related to businesses and economic expansion and shorter stories on the latest developments in those areas.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism or related field and two years of experience in a digital-first environment preferred.

  • Strong writing and reporting skills and excellent news judgment.

  • Unwavering commitment to accurate, ethical journalism.

  • Fluency in the science of readership and engagement, including an understanding of metrics/analytics programs and development of story ideas derived from data.

  • Understanding of SEO and other optimization opportunities and a demonstrated ability to learn new skills in social and digital.

  • Strong interpersonal skills. Workflows require constant conversations between reporters and editors and between reporters and their audience as a story evolves.

  • Understanding of open records law and ability to file, manage and oversee requests pertinent to beat work.

  • Ability to engage with readers and develop sources on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Ability to develop breadth and variety of sources.

  • Ability to understand audience lenses and correctly identify audiences for selected stories.

  • Ability to work on both daily and enterprise stories concurrently, delivering both with consistency.

  • Ability to meet deadlines.

  • Ability to capture video and edit it (using phone).

  • Ability to work collaboratively on projects ranging from podcasts to video to enterprise stories.

  • Able to work comfortably in a job that will be fast-paced, data-driven, shaped constantly by feedback and experimentation and always evolving.


McClatchy is committed to providing equal employment opportunity (EEO) for all applicants and employees. McClatchy considers all candidates without regard to basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, medical condition, family care status, pregnancy or physical disability (except where physical fitness is a valid occupational qualification), or any other basis protected by state and federal laws.