Breaking News Reporter

Editorial Rock Hill, SC


The reporter will follow local politics and the key players on the local, state and national levels.


The reporter will cover breaking news as is needed. The reporter will work with the editor to determine when breaking news takes priority over other beat coverage.


The goal is to produce impactful, compelling stories that are most relevant to our readers and can be found only at or in The Herald newspaper.



Duties and responsibilities:

  • Regularly write breaking news and enterprise stories that are clear, accurate, engaging and of high interest and relevance to local readers.
  • Work with editors to assure that stories are complete, fair and in context.
  • Handle deadline demands on breaking news.
  • Develop a broad range of sources on the beat and build strong relationships with key people to identify impactful stories that are important to our readers.
  • Work with other reporters throughout the Carolinas when appropriate to ensure the most complete coverage.
  • Use audience metrics to determine which stories resonate with readers so we can make the best use of our reporting efforts. Work with editors to mine this data for takeaways about how we can build our audience.
  • Produce basic video and photos. Work with visuals staff to add more sophisticated visuals as a fundamental storytelling tool.
  • Write and report on a continuous-news cycle, publishing first to digital platforms.
  • Work with editors to determine the best digital tools for conveying the news to readers in varying circumstances and formats
  • Use social networks to seek story ideas, report in real time and connect with the community.
  • Participate in training sessions offered and seek out learning opportunities.


Education and knowledge: College degree required. Prior internships in a daily newsroom preferred. One year or more of daily newsroom experience preferred.