National Data Reporter

Editorial Washington, DC Doral, FL


McClatchy is seeking a smart, motivated reporter to join its award-winning newsrooms to use data to tell stories that hold the powerful accountable. In this role, you’ll work on a team to build enterprise projects and work in collaboration with other reporters across multiple newsrooms.

We're looking for candidates who have experience with at least one programming language, are excited by the idea of finding new data sets and working with data in non-traditional formats, and take a critical approach to working with and analyzing data. The successful candidate will be expected to both develop original story ideas and work with reporters across McClatchy to help them tell stories with data that they otherwise wouldn't be able to tell. She or he will work directly with experienced data reporters in McClatchy's Washington bureau newsroom and across McClatchy’s 30 newsrooms.

As a data reporter, you will:

  • Wrangle data, including filing public records and FOIAs, and scrape, clean, analyze and prepare it for publication.
  • Assist other reporters with data brainstorming, acquisition, cleaning and analysis for projects.
  • Bulletproof and spot-check data work done by other journalists on the team and in the newsroom.
  • Develop your own accountability stories by combining data work, interviewing and on-the ground reporting with excellent storytelling.
  • Execute statistical analyses and interpret the results.
  • Teach and encourage best practices and newsroom data policies.


  • Experience working in a newsroom, and a motivated, collaborative work style.
  • Solid editorial judgment and the ability to write quickly and cleanly on deadline
  • Skill in the tools of data journalism, such as database management systems (SQL Server or PostgreSQL), statistics software (R, SPSS), Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • The ability to code in multiple languages, particularly Python.
  • Experience with best practices in data journalism, including proper reproducibility methods, experience in gathering information from Freedom of Information and public records requests.

To apply, provide:

  • Cover letter: Share anecdotes that exemplify why you’re the best candidate for this job
  • Clips: Examples of creative solutions and workarounds, especially within the constraints of a CMS and standard article templates
  • Teamwork: The role you’ve played on a collaborative team project