Breaking News Reporter

Editorial Columbia, SC


The breaking news reporter will have a demonstrated commitment to fairness and accuracy, in fact and in tone, and a strong grounding in journalism ethics.  And like all journalists at The State Media, the reporter must have demonstrated the desire and skills to build audience loyalty, engagement and growth around compelling public service journalism.  

Minimum requirements

  • College degree and two years prior experience preferred
  • Strong writing and reporting skills and excellent news judgement
  • Unwavering commitment to accurate, ethical journalism
  • Demonstrated ability to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach audiences
  • Fluency in the science of readership engagement, including and understanding of how to use analytics such as page views, time on site, referral sources and "shares and like" to help determine which stories resonate with which audiences.
  • A demonstrated ability to tell stories using a variety of tools and platforms including video
  • A demonstrated ability to learn new skills and technologies including content management systems; social media platforms; video editing software, and other analytics tools and any emerging storytelling tools and platforms.  
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including empathy and the ability to take and give constructive criticism.  The workflows require constant conversations between reporters and editors and between reporters and their audience as a story evolves. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work comfortable in a job that will be fast-paced, data-driven, shaped constantly by feedback and experimentation and always evolving.