Environmental reporter

Editorial Doral, FL


The Miami Herald is seeking a smart, motivated reporter to join its award-winning newsroom to cover the environment, an issue that touches virtually every aspect of life in South Florida, as we evaluate what is at risk here and how we preserve it.

In South Florida, our native pinelands are challenged by development. The Everglades is threatened by saltwater, by developers, by the sugar industry. Our private utility owns a nuclear plant that is old and has issues with its cooling canals. Exotic species are spreading, from the Everglades to the oceans. And our weather -- from record heat to the threat of hurricanes -- is an ever-present aspect of life and life style.

These issues are the cornerstone of our quality of life and economy. They touch tourism, taxes, real estate, the business community, and our very ability to live in this tropical paradise. Sea level rise threatens bayside neighborhoods on Miami Beach and the mainland.

As environmental reporter, you must have:
-- Ability to tackle a mix of stories, from fast-paced dailies to short-term enterprise and investigative stories.
-- This reporter is our expert on tropical weather, and anchors our coverage of hurricane season and hurricanes.
-- Skill in acquiring public records and data through FOIAs.
-- Ability to tell stories across relevant platforms. Tweets, video interviews and online updates are a regular part of this work.
-- A general background in natural science, a passion for learning more and a gift for decoding complicated concepts to a general interest audience.
-- A willingness to work with other reporters, partnering on stories that dovetail between beats.
-- A passion for precision in reporting and writing; stories must be bulletproof accurate in word and nuance.
-- The ability to develop accountability stories by combining data work, interviewing and on-the ground reporting with excellent storytelling.


Education: College degree required.

Experience and skills needed:
-- At least three years experience writing for a daily news organization with the knowledge and ability to write about complex environmental issues in air, land and sea.
-- Solid editorial judgment and the ability to write quickly and cleanly on deadline.
-- Demonstrable writing skill, from quick turnaround stories to more complex narratives.
-- Team player who works collaboratively across multi-media newsrooms.

Personal Attributes:
Energy, flexibility, and motivation to crush the competition. The ability to monitor a vast amount of information for a wide audience, matched with discerning judgment about what to pursue. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills are required as well as the ability to execute both quickly and well, with creativity. A collaborative style that works comfortably across teams spread throughout the office and company is a necessity.