Fan life Reporter

Editorial Columbus, GA


Fan life reporter

The Ledger-Enquirer is looking for candidates who are enthusiastic about connecting with the community around the local activities, institutions and people that garner fans. This person will identify those areas with passionate followings and broad interest, develop compelling stories and creatively engage those audiences.

This beat covers a wide range of cultural and lifestyle activities that bind communities together: local sports (from little league to high school football to professional teams), festivals, performing arts, the food scene, etc. These aspects of communal life provide a local community with its distinct sense of place. Creative coverage contributes to that sense of place and reminds the community that The Ledger-Enquirer is embedded in and serves its community.

The ideal candidate will possess a wide range of skills including feature writing, social media engagement, video production, infographics creation and more. This person must have a distinctive voice, be able to talk to specific audiences in voices that resonate with those audiences and appeal to a broader public, have considerable expertise in at least one area of passion, possess the ability to quickly understand various niches and be able to find and communicate stories of interest to a general audience.

Examples of hypothetical coverage and activities gives a sense of the range of skills and interests this position incompasses:

  • Researching and producing a written and video preview of prep football, highlighting key rivalries and teams in championship contention
  • Recruiting a lead representative for each local sports team who will drive user-generated content via ScoreStream
  • Curating user-generated photos and videos to produce engaging recaps and previews of local events
  • Conveying the fan experience through interactive elements like Facebook Live at the opening of large events
  • Finding engaging and compelling feature stories about players and fans
  • Research and develop an infographics on the most popular in-state college by county
  • Develop an interactive map of the best BBQ places in the region
  • For National Ice Cream Month, develop a series of engaging pieces: a poll of favorite flavors, a recipe contest, a list of the top local parlors, a behind-the-scenes video of a local producer, etc.
  • Aggregate content and resurface evergreen content around recurring events—for example, ahead of a local film festival, update a history of films filmed in the area, adding trailers and a new poll of favorites